Noble blood runs through his veins.
He’s classy, smart, and has a host of cool superpowers.
He hates sunlight and wooden stakes, and definitely cannot stand the sight of a crucifix.
He is Count Dracula. He is immortal.
One problem though. He can only survive by drinking the blood of his victims. That’s not all that bad, right?

When Bram Stroker first penned down Dracula in 1897, little did he know that his story would become a benchmark of Gothic Literature. Filmmakers have always been fascinated with the character of Dracula, resulting in numerous iterations on film and television. Most of it has to do with how cool Dracula looks while sucking the blood out of his victims. He is the Vampire who gives the sparkly Cullens a run for their money.

The cult status Dracula has achieved can also be attributed to the actors who played the role on screen. Here’s a look at the men who donned the cape, and nailed it:

Bela Lugosi

Say what you may, Vampires always look scarier in black-and-white. And Bela Lugosi’s spot-on portrayal still scares the living daylights out of many. With his thick Eastern European accent, jet black ponytail and stern face, Lugosi was menacing as well as suave. He added several layers to Dracula’s character – A feat that is yet to be matched.

Christopher Lee

After Bela Lugosi, the baton was passed on to Christopher Lee, who didn’t do a bad job himself. In fact, Lee became the face of Dracula through the ’60s and ’70s, and played the role in a total of 9 films. Later generations may remember him as Saruman. But it was as Dracula that the actor was truly in his element.

William Marshall

No one saw this one coming. And to this day, it is hard to digest the fact that William Marshall played Dracula. But wait, he wasn’t Dracula per se. He was an African-American prince, living in Los Angeles, who was called Blacula. Yes, that’s what he was called. Let that sink in.

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman is his absolute best when he is quirky and creepy. He fit right in as Dracula and balanced the act between classy and crazy nicely. With Francis Ford Coppola behind the camera, we wouldn’t have expected anything else.

Gerard Butler and Jonathan Rhys Meyers

In recent times, The Count was brought back to life once again by Gerard Butler and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. While the former played the eponymous role in Dracula 2000 (Because it released in 2000), the latter was seen in a 2013 TV series. However, both actors failed to make a strong impression as the cape was too large to fill in.

Luke Evans

In Dracula Untold, we see Luke Evans play Prince Dracula, before he became a vampire. The effects-heavy movie tries to unravel the mystery of the origins of the blood-sucking Count. It will be interesting to see whether Evans matches up with the legends who played the character before him.

Count Dracula has today become a big part of pop culture, and has taken many forms. His cool powers allow him to be portrayed in a cartoon format as well. Both DC Comics and Marvel have used the character, pitting him against Batman and The Avengers at some point. Even Adam Sandler lent his voice to the character in Hotel Transylvania. Dracula’s costume is also a huge hit among the audiences. Is it Halloween already?

The question here is, with so much already done and seen, do we need another movie on Dracula? That remains to be seen.

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