Tropfest is the world’s largest short film festival. Drawcard is one of the finalists in this cultural fest. Directed by Antonio Oreña-Barlin, Drawcard is a 7-minute film that’ll tickle your funny bone. 

This comedy has been written by Adam Dunn, Thomas Mittchell and Oreña-Barlin. Antonio Oreña-Barlin’s previous work include Suburbia (2010); a drama. Drawcard’s comic timing and execution just prove Oreña-Barlin’s range stretches well beyond what we have seen from him, so far.
The short film is focused on a guy called Ed. It is set in the office. The jokes, the pranks are all too familiar. Even though the film’s story is predictable, the manner in which it has been executed will get you to chuckle. Ed is believable and you’ll swear you probably know that guy from somewhere. When a simple office prank goes wrong, the result threatens to lead to disastrous consequences for Ed. 
Ed is played by Adam Dunn who impresses. Drawcard is funny and something you will relate to easily. Watch the film here: