This is the latest installment of Marvel comic-book adapted movies.
Thor: The Dark World has been directed by Alan Taylor. In this film, the cast gets rounded up for another adventure in mythical Asgard. There is a new bad guy in town. Yup, it ain’t the adopted brother Loki who is looking for daddy’s affection. We got Malekith. A Dark elf! Yeah, I know. Who’d  have guessed it?
New bad guys, bigger sets, more action and more Hammer-Time!

But I digress.
The movie appears to take place after the events of the Avengers story arc. We have Thor (Chris Hemsworth) learning to be a kind and wise prince. All the while looking for Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). And then, uh oh, bad guys. And apparently no one knows who these bad guys are! Only one knows, (and no it isn’t the Shadow),  Loki. The liar. The snake. The trickster. The character we all want to be like but we never get a chance to step into those shoes.
The idea is that there exists evil in the universe that the likes of which the earth hasn’t seen yet. Funny thing is that this evil stuff just happens to drop into our realm like leaves from a tree. Just once can we all  just say, ‘You know, come  back on Tuesday, our Mondays suck anyway’?
Back to Thor: The Dark World. Now little is known of the whole Dark Elf story line or rather little is shown in the trailer. The bit of knowledge I have gathered is from watching the cartoon shows and reading the comic books of Thor and stuff. These are bad Elves,  people. The pointy ears don’t make them cute like Legolas and Tinkerbell (imagine it being read out to you in the voice of Morgan Freeman). Malekith is out to conquer and destroy. The only person who stands in his way is Thor. Apparently everyone else was on holiday.
So the fate of the world lies in the burly hands of a man with a point-break hair-style and a hard thing which he swings (his hammer – Mjolnir, naughty minds!).
This movie seems to be an epic ride. The visuals seem amazing and the story is gripping. A film I am definitely looking forward to watching.

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