Someone who once started off as a WWE wrestler, raising an eyebrow and rock bottoming his opponents off the ground, soon turned out to be the most handsomely paid Hollywood actor. From being holed up in his parent’s apartment and battling depression to overcoming all the challenges and knocking down opponents like flies, Dwayne Johnson's life has been kinda topsy turvy but the only that remained constant was his workout regime. In the truest sense, he is a classic example of rags to riches.

The Hercules actor will be seen next in the movie, Baywatch, alongside now-a-global actress Priyanka Chopra. After intense and grueling gym sessions, the final product can be seen in the trailer (well, glimpses, but nevertheless). We know how hard he has worked to achieve the sort of body that men want and women want to get close to. Well, the secret is quite simple: lift hard, heavy and always. You can watch his crazy workout sessions for Baywatch here: