‘Here comes Santa down the roof,

with an axe in his hand and blood on his suit.

Hope we’ve been all good this year,

‘cause if Santa’s mad, he’s chopping your ears!’


He ha ha, all you festive revelers! Looking forward to an exciting Christmas? How about some thrilling and spine-chilling horror films that can jazz up your otherwise cliché festivities? The bonus point – these movies have Xmas as a significant theme. So brace yourself, cling to those pillows and be prepared to get spooked this Christmas Eve!


Black Christmas (1974)

Touted as one of the spookiest Christmas films ever, this classic thriller will definitely keep you from entering your attic for a few days. And, just curious, hasn’t the poster spooked you already?


Gremlins (1984)

All hell breaks loose when a young boy fails to obey the three rules his father set about his Christmas present. Produced by Steven Spielberg and written by Chris Columbus, Gremlins is a horror comedy that will definitely scare and entertain you at the same time!

(P.S. – Beware, all that is cute can be dangerous!)


The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

This musical animated film directed by the renowned Tim Burton may not be classified as horror, but its dark and gritty story set during Christmas is definitely worth a watch!


The Children (2008)

Nothing is creepier than a bunch of possessed children. If you don't believe me, watch this horrifying tale set during the Christmas vacation!


Silent Night (2012)

Evil, murderous and looks like Santa. Silent Night is a spine-chilling thriller about a small town community threatened by a vengeful serial killer!


There you have it, five films that can add flavor to your festivities this season! Christmas is undoubtedly about merry-making, but a little bit of horror and thrill can make it even better! Don’t you think?


And remember Santa's watching you…

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