Verdict: Hitting all the right emotions with emojis.

Once upon a time, there was a man who had an idea. He asked himself, "What if toys could talk? What would they say?"  That idea was quickly sold to a reputed animation house and they made their first full-length venture with John Lasseter (also a debutant) as the director. Yes, we are talking about Toy Story. It was Pixar's first venture and boy did it impress everyone. Then came a string of anthropomorphic instances. But we are not here to talk about Toy Story. Toy Story also inspired Tony Leondis to create something similar and to stay updated with the times he came up with emojis. The Emoji Movie, as per its title, is about emojis but like the Toy Story series, it also has a deeper message that adults would appreciate.

In Textopolis, there lived a bunch of emojis. From the Christmas tree to the poop (Patrick Stewart) emoji, they all had one job. Whenever Alex, their user, opened the app, it was up to them to line up in their cubicles and be scanned so that he can send the right character. In this town born to Mel Meh (Steven Wright) and Mary Meh (Jennifer Coolidge) was little Gene (T.J. Miller) who was a little different than his parents. The face emojis had a tough time compared to the other emojis as their facial expressions had to be constant through all the situations. A crying emoji cannot laugh when he wins a lottery and a laughing emoji will laugh even when he is in pain. Gene was different. Due to a malfunction, he can emote all faces and since he was a person who was always excited, he didn't hesitate to show his varied emotions until it was his first time in the cube. He messes up his first time really bad and as a result, he has to escape from Smiler (Maya Rudolph) and her bots so that they don't delete him. He leaves the app and enters the world of wallpapers. He has a Hi-5 (James Corden) by his side whose wish is to be back in the favorites section. They both go on a hunt for Jail break (Anna Faris) who will help to modify their source code.

The Emoji Movie Review - BookMyShow We have seen a movie about what goes on when we are not around our toys. We have also seen one about what goes on in our mind. Now it is time to delve into something that is by our side all the time. The world of the smartphone is colorful and entertaining. As our trio travels through different apps we wished we could look at our apps like that. There is one time when the Gene and Jail Bird are sailing through a stream on Spotify (a clever pun). There is one time when Gene's parents are living romancing in Paris through Alex's Paris pictures. The story is fairly simple, the messages are not. 

It is very difficult to fit in if you are different. There are some who would rather just escape rather than fit into a mold but there are many who would like nothing better than the ability to fit in. The movie carries a strong message of letting you know that being different is okay and with time, you will be accepted for everything you are. The trio Gene, Jail Break, and Hi-5 are fun to watch as they go on various misadventures through Candy Crush, Just Dance and even trash (although our phones don't seem to have trash). Smiler, as the sinister Queen, is scary with the brightest smile you have ever seen. The lingo also changes with sentences like "Stay updated with the program" and you can definitely have a laugh at watching the elderly emoticons. The kids are sure to have a ball with the various characters and apps.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
It is time to welcome the emojis to the world of the living, especially now that an emoji has made its way into the dictionary. Life in Textopolis is really amazing and like Gene, you will not be able to keep a Meh face while watching the movie. We are also sure you will not look at your phone the same way again and definitely never format it.