BAFTA-nominated short film Emotional Fusebox is an incredibly brilliant tale. Written and directed by Rachel Tunnard, the film is set in the English country side. 

Emotional Fusebox

A confused Anna (Jodie Whittaker) is a bit outlandish in her ways. She lives in her mother’s shed and communicates with her using a walkie-talkie. She makes videos all day long and is a bit of a recluse. Her world starts and ends in that shed. She doesn’t go out, or tidy up the place or herself. You know in the first few minutes that something tragic must have led to her emotional state. 
The story is touching and we love the way it builds up to the climax. It tells you the reason for her emotional outrage but doesn’t overdo the drama. It’s subtle and the story unfolds with an interesting combination of English wit and humor. Whittaker does a convincing job as the distraught Anna. 

The short film is a pilot for the full feature film Adult Life Skills. Check out the short film below.