A saree can sometimes bring out the best in a woman and our favorite Hollywood celebrities couldn’t agree anymore. Despite the major cultural difference that exists between the western world and our country, these 15 Hollywood stars pulled off an amazing show in our quintessential Bollywood attires!

julia roberts

Here are 15 Hollywood stars who looked mesmerizingly beautiful in ‘Bollywood attires’ and we couldn’t help but fall in love with them.

1) Lady Gaga 

lady gaga

The pop sensation donned a beautiful Indian attire designed by Tarun Tahiliani and we can’t over how perfect she looks in it!

2) Eva Mendez


Eva rocked the Desi look with her hot-pink saree and messy hair. Don’t you think so?

3) Madonna 


If Madonna in this gorgeous blue saree does not make your heart race faster, we don’t know what will!

4) Naomi Watts 


Naomi’s elegant look in this beautiful cotton suit should be everyone’s summer look on the go!

5) Selena Gomez 

selena gomez

She looks drop-dead gorgeous in this silk saree that is draped with extreme perfection! She looks the girl you’d want your mother to meet, doesn’t she?

6) Pamela Anderson 


Find someone who can pull off a bikini and a lehenga with the same grace and oomph factor as Pamela! Bet you can’t.

7) Ashton Kutcher 


I’m sorry ladies but this REALLY happened and I swear to god, I found myself singing ‘Jinne Mera Dil Luteya’ hoping he would understand the lyrics. The turban looks way too perfect!

8) Pussycat Dolls

pussycat dolls

Remember when the entire band rocked the red carpet with this Desi tadka? The hotness of this kind can actually kill people!

9) Paris Hilton

paris hilton

Find me someone who can look this gorgeous in a saree. Nope. Not happening. Result not found!

10) Helen Mirren 

helen mirren

We are sure you haven’t seen this one! Look at Helen’s pretty saree and her pretty smile? That’s a lot of pretty in one picture, isn’t it?

11) Halle Berry

halle berry

The grace, the nose piercing, the bangles and the Mehendi! She couldn’t look more desi and definitely couldn’t look any more beautiful. She totally rocked her look in Cloud Atlas, didn’t she?

12) Snoop Dogg 

snoop dogg

No, it would have been a shame to miss out on this one. Not only did he rock the Sardar look, he also did a wonderful job with the rap! Snoop’s definitely the man!

13) Britney Spears 

britney spears

Britney in this brilliant desi attire is certainly a dream come true! She donned this Bollywood inspired outfit like a boss!

14) Anne Hathaway 

anne hathaway

Remember the scene from ‘Racheal Gets Married’ when Anne pulls off this elegant saree and a bun and looks effortlessly beautiful?

15) Angelina Jolie 

angelina jolie

Angelina dazzled in a hot-pink saree for a photo shoot and now we can all die in peace. No one can come this close to look this beautiful!

Who do you think rocked the Desi look to immense perfection out of all these absolutely beautiful people? Let us know your favorite Firang star in Desi look in the comment section!