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5 Movies To Watch Before American Made

The long wait for Tom Cruise's American Made is finally coming to an end. Based on the true life of Barry Seal, it has everything you need from Tom Cruise – insane stunts, action, humor and fun. But before you head to see it in theatres this weekend, catch these movies like American Made that will prep you for the best cinematic experience.

Top Gun

If there's one thing Top Gun and American Made have in common, it's Tom Cruise effortlessly flying planes. It's also got an undeniable American flair. With an adventurous pilot's life, a steamy romance, iconic tunes, and memorable characters like Goose, Maverick, and Iceman, Top Gun is a true American classic. 

Mission Impossible

His role as Ethan Hunt has kept Tom Cruise at the top of the A-list for decades. His famous stunts in the series have gotten crazier over the years and have now extended into other movies. In American Made too, he actually does a stunt where he abandoned the cockpit to go to the back of the plane. Even with sequels, the first film still has the same thrill.  

Jerry Maguire

Tom Cruise has a whole range of acting skills that go beyond action films, and Jerry Maguire shows it. Here he plays the role of a sports agent who has to open his own agency after sending an embarrassing memo to his previous office. Just like Barry Seal in American Made, Jerry isn't really a likable guy, but that won't stop Tom Cruise from charming his way to your heart. 

Edge of Tomorrow

American Made isn't director Doug Liman's first time working with Tom Cruise. Edge of Tomorrow is a science-fiction film, but it's packed with action sequences while remaining an intelligently-made film. With American Made, this might just mark the starting of a successful director-actor duo that could win many awards.

Catch Me If You Can

This one isn't a Tom Cruise film, but it does star another universally beloved actor – Leonardo DiCaprio. It's the film that comes closest to being American Made without actually being American-made. Also based on a true story, it has crazy incidents that will make you go, "Did that happen in real life?" You'll just have to see it to believe it.

Which of these movies like American Made will you be watching? Don't forget to read our American Made review first before you head to theatres.