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5 Movies To Watch Before Kingsman: The Golden Circle

There are two kinds of British spies. There's James Bond kind that has their martini shaken not stirred and on the other side, there's the cryogenically revived foul-mouthed Austin Powers. In the gap between the two, exist the spies from Kingsman. It combines the best of both types of spy movies in one film gives you charm, violent action, and humor, all in one go. It's rare to find movies like this, but we have gathered a list of movies like Kingsman : The Golden Circle that you can watch before you see it in theaters. 

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

This film might be set in another time period, but it's the spiritual twin of Kingsman. An American CIA agent and a KGB agent team up with a German girl for a mission to prevent nuclear weapons to go into the wrong hands. It's stylish, thrilling, and undeniably fun. 


This also isn't your usual spy film. Melissa McCarthy plays an agent who has to go on the field for the first time when the suave male spies played by Jude Law and Jason Statham fail to complete the mission. It's progressive, funny, and not afraid to call out what other spy movies overlook. 


If you enjoyed Matthew Vaughn's take on spy films, this is his version of a superhero movie which also happens to be a comic book adaptation like Kingsman. So what if the hero is a teenager who doesn't have any fancy superpowers? It doesn't stop him from fighting crime in this outlandishly fun and violent film. 

American Ultra

With a generous dose of gore, unlikely sleeper agents, and crazy characters, it has a similar heart as Kingsman, although it might not have the same style. Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart pair surprisingly well, plus it is absurdly enjoyable watch. 


If you haven't seen Deadpool already but love Kingsman, this might just be your new favorite. They're both subversive comedies that play on your expectations of the genre but manage to do something completely different. It's a film that will crack you up even as you see skulls cracking on screen. 

Which of these movies will you be watching? Let us know in the comments below. Don't forget to read our Kingsman review and everything you should know before you see it in theaters.