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5 Non-Scary Movies of 2017 That Are Actually Terrifying

There have been many scary movies with all types of monsters this year, including Alien: Covenant, Life, Annabelle: Creations, and IT. But there have also been movies that you might have watched with kids that might have had darker implications than the R-rated horror flicks. Whether or not they were intended to be there by the filmmakers, you will see these non-scary movies in a whole new way once you find out what they might be hiding between the lines.

Cars 3

The universe of Cars seems like a fun one that appeals to kids. After all, who doesn't love talking cars? But what if the Cars movies take place in a post-apocalyptic world where machines have taken over the world and humans are extinct? With Cars 3, Pixar was also trying to be as great as it once was, much like Lightning McQueen. Recent Pixar movies have been less-than-stellar, and the company's hopes were reflected in the main hero's storyline. 


The Boss Baby 

Apart from what seemed to be allusions to the current American political climate due to Alec Baldwin voicing the boss and being famous for his Trump impression, there were much darker implications in Boss Baby. The film almost completely happens in Tim's imagination. Throughout the film, we see that what Tim sees and what his parents see are completely different things. BabyCorp and a talking bossy brother are just his ways of dealing with the loss of affection from his parents after his younger brother comes along, and that's presented in a colorful way. 


Beauty and the Beast

The live-action adaptation already gave us a dark look into Beauty's past – the fact that her mother died from the plague. But here's a dark secret that you might have missed – it's not only the Beast and his servants that are cursed but the villagers were cursed too. They were forced to forget their family members who worked at the castle. It's even scarier because they never realized they were affected at all and only realize it when they meet their family at the end. Their lives were lies. 



Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me movies have always been fun family movies. With them being so over-the-top, it's easy to forget that the cartoonish violence in the film is still violence. Balthazar Blatt's rampage over Hollywood to send the city into space definitely killed multiple people and caused millions of infrastructural damage. While something similar happened in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the heroes were condemned for their actions all the way to the next film, but in Despicable Me 3 nothing matters as long as Gru, Lucy, and the minions, defeat the villain and get the diamond back


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Peter Quill's father, Ego, might have been a full-blown psychopath. He has all the traits of one. For one, he doesn't value the lives of others as he's killed his many children that were nothing more than experiments to him. When Ego finds out that Peter has powers, only then does he make an effort to 're-connect' with his son. While he claims to have killed Peter's mother because he loved her too much, it's possible he was just lying to get closer to Peter. It's only when he sees that Peter doesn't share his moral values that he turns against Peter as well. He even brainwashed Mantis into believing it was normal for parents to kill their own children. She didn't even realize it was something upsetting until she finds out how devastated Drax was by his daughter's death. 



Which other non-scary movies of 2017 did you find terrifying? Let us know in the comments below.