Who doesn’t love a good skin?

We all have tired homemade recipes to either reduce the acne or have a good skin. From using neem leaves to sandalwood powder, we have done it all.

But maintaining your skin is not easy as it looks. Certain celebrities have gone a step further to make sure that their skin becomes age-less, eternal, and flawless.

Vampire facelift


We all know blood is important for the human body. But apparently, they prevent aging as well. Experts claim it’s better than a facelift or botox for your skin. So, celebrities are queuing up to have their own blood injected into their faces.

Basically, they harvest your blood from your own body and it is taken through an incubator and centrifuge to draw out your very own plasma for enhancing fresh-faced, natural beauty.

Apparently, it is good for your blood flow and brilliant as an anti-aging tactic. This facial speeds up collagen production and gets the blood flowing. It is often used treat wrinkles, dull skin, dark under-eye circles and even stretch marks. Kim Kardashian, Rupert Everett, and Israeli model, Bar Refaeli, are devoted fans of the gruesome procedure.

Caviar Body Treatment

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We have often wondered how Angelina keeps her skin so young. Even in her 40s, she looks as if she is in her 20s. But apart from eating right and exercising, Angelina indulges in this treatment.

The sessions that last up to three hours, Jolie is wrapped like a mummy so that she can sweat out toxins before being smothered all over in the body cream. The treatment promises to ‘drench the skin with moisture and nourishment’ and combat ‘loss of firmness and slackened skin’.

Caviar contains high oil and protein content and hence it is especially moisturizing.  The caviar-based creams are produced by extracting vitelline – or yolk sac – from the sturgeon eggs.

The substance contains phospholipids, which are fats key to hydrating and softening the skin, as well as proteins said to contribute to the regeneration of skin cells.

The cream costs $710 for 100 ml and contains actual caviar to give the skin a protein boost.

Bull semen conditioner

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Also called “Viagra for Hair,” this 45-minute treatment ranges from $90-$138! The salon uses semen from a very specific breed of bulls, i.e., Aberdeen Angus bulls. Hari’s(the salon) combines the sperm with the root of the protein-rich plant, Katera.

The protein-enriched potion is massaged into the client’s hair after it has been shampooed. Then the client is put under heat so the treatment penetrates the hair.

Snake venom


Gwyneth Paltrow is known for experimenting different types of treatments. This is one treatment that she has been using for years. Yup! Venom! She uses a face cream containing snake venom to keep her skin looking fresh and youthful.

The cream costs a whopping £87.50 and it is said to help stop wrinkles forming. Salon owner Sonya said: “If someone gets bitten by a snake and gets paralyzed, it has a similar effect, but a more gentle effect, on the skin.”

Placenta Facials


Jennifer Lopez looks years younger than most of the women out there but there is one thing that makes her feel like a baby; Like literally! She uses placenta facials. The singer credits the facials with leaving her skin looking plump, sexy and at least 10 years younger.

She has become addicted to the bizarre treatment, which involves protein and iron-rich extract from human placentas being smeared into the face to stimulate skin regeneration, and is having it twice a week at a cost of £700.

A clinic’s site describes it, “a protein-rich serum of placenta, stem cell, and seaweed is applied to the skin via a saturated fabric mask. Then the Placenta Facial cream is massaged over the face, earlobes, and eyelids, encouraging the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, revitalizing the cells, and providing intense hydration.”

Blood-Sucking Leech Therapy


Demi Moore has actually talked about this therapy publicly. She told U.S. talk show host David Letterman: “I feel like I’ve always been someone looking for the cutting edge of things that optimize your health and healing. I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy.

These are not just some low-level scavengers; we’re talking high-level bloodsuckers.” The leeches’ purpose is to get toxins out of the blood and remove bruising and under eye circles giving one an externally youthful look.

Bird Poop


It is also called as ‘Geisha facial’, other times it’s known as the ‘Nightingale facial’. But no matter what it is called, the facial has a major raw ingredient, bird poop.

The facial is said to have anti-aging qualities as well as being highly effective in the treatment of acne scars. Victoria Beckham is reported to be a huge fan and even One Direction’s Harry Styles.

They are collected from a particular type, native to the Japanese island of Kyushu. So rare are the ingredients used that very few places offer the treatment and when they do, it comes with a hefty price tag attached. The nightingales are fed on a special diet of seeds and berries (no juicy worms for them), therefore the droppings are organic and vegan.

So are you going to experiment with any of these?