Disney makes movies for children, everyone knows that. So there’s no chance of sexually explicit content in these movies. Unless it is done subtly.

Disney movies have more than once made adult references in their children’s movies and you have to be really observant to notice them. Here are some such examples that would ruin your childhood:

#1. Aladdin showed a brothel with prostitutes in it

In the opening scene of Aladdin, when our protagonist is hiding from the guards, he enters a dingy room full of women. Here’s a twist in the story – they weren’t regular dancers.


#2. Genie made a ‘sex’ joke at a wedding

It’s not uncommon to have sex jokes during a wedding, but definitely not in a children’s movie like Aladdin. This one was so subtle, it probably went over the kids’ heads.

#3. A young Anna knew all about male ‘foot size’

Kids might not get the ‘foot size’ reference from Frozen, but there’s no way adults missed this. Anna let slip a classic joke, which most men would probably agree with.


#4. The Lion King poster featured a naked woman

Kudos to Disney for this subliminal advertising. If it wasn’t for the picture on the right, we would have never guessed that the poster of our childhood featured a naked woman.

The Lion King

#5. The word ‘sex’ appeared in The Lion King

You have to be very observant or watch the movie at a snail’s pace to catch this one. But once you do, you can never take The Lion King seriously again.

#6. ‘Sex’ also appeared on Tangled’s poster.

The ‘S’ word seems to be a Disney classic, as it has appeared in more than one movie. The poster of Tangled also subtly hinted at it.


#7. Peter Pan revealed his little shadow friend

Disney’s dirty mind is decades old! In 1953’s Peter Pan, there is a scene where Peter is dancing with his shadow. The shadow there reveals a little more than it should.

Peter Pan

#8. Boo had X-rated art in her room.

Monsters, Inc. did not explore Boo’s parentage in much detail and a look at her bedroom art explains why! We can’t believe Disney let this pass in the movie.


Did you catch these subtle references in the movies or are you totally shocked like us?