If there was a sure-shot way of getting your stress and anxiety levels down, it is looking at big-eyed babies, human and furry ones. Watching Baby’s Day Out with Baby Boo Boo still fills your heart with glee instead of what the other characters in the movie are feeling. Similarly, there are other fictional babies, especially the animated kind, which are incredibly squishable (yes, we made that up). Baby Scooby Dooby Doo has been the latest to join this squad of truly adorable babies that will bring your stress levels significantly down.

The Child – The Mandalorian

Also known as Baby Yoda, this 51-one-year-old child has transformed the hardest of cynics into fans. Even Disney did not anticipate The Child to be so popular and was a little behind when it came to merchandise. People are ready to kill for this little one, as are we.

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“Species age differently.” #TheMandalorian

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Baby Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy

The first Guardians of the Galaxy was an epic musical fest with a gripping storyline but all of that went out the window when in the post-credit scene, we saw Baby Groot swaying to the music. With the sequel already on charts, the makers capitalized on the popularity and gave us what we wanted all along – more baby Groot.

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Get every Groot-scootin’ moment when you bring home #GotGVol2 to Digital today and Blu-ray™ August 22!

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Jack-Jack – Incredibles 2

We didn’t know we needed a super baby fighting a Racoon until we saw Incredibles 2. Jack-Jack can only say his name; he has an affinity towards television and has more powers than we can count. Yet, we would adopt that little monster in a heartbeat.

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Baby Moana – Moana

The once and future chief of Motunui was always curious and wanted to go out in the world. The ocean loved her, and so did we. We didn’t get to see more of her in the movie. If any Disney executives are reading, a film on Baby Moana is all we need.

Dumbo – Dumbo

The original animated feature and the live-action one both feature the elephant we want to snuggle ASAP. The flying elephant with those big innocent eyes melts our hearts, and we want to go full John Wick whenever he is in trouble.

Bambi – Bambi

Bambi awakens the protective instinct in all of us. The doe-eyed deer is, to this day, one of the most iconic babies, and even today, someone with a similar nature is called Bambi.

Boo – Monsters Inc.

There is something wrong if you haven’t fallen in love with Boo because she has even charmed the Monsters. The little tyke is not afraid of Monsters and has a taste for adventure, who wouldn’t love to see her go on more of them.

Simba – The Lion King

It is an unverified fact that one in every five pets adopted is named Simba. They are then similarly presented to the world, as shown in the movie. You will go full Hakuna Matata if you catch a glimpse of Simba on the screen.

Theodore Templeton – Boss Baby

This one is probably the one that will not appreciate any squishing business, but we would squish him anyways. He will boss you around and make you dance to his tunes. He will want your attention all day long. Basically, be a baby.

Scooby Dooby Doo is going to be the newest addition to the list. Scoob! is the first time we will be watching a puppy version of the character, and we can’t wait for the movie to hit the theatres. Click on “Interested” for more news about the film, and don’t forget to watch these babies every time you get stressed. Stay safe!