8 Superhero Movies To Look Forward To In 2018

All the comic book movie lovers out there, the list that you have been waiting for is here. Marvel Cinematic Universe is entering their 10th year and finally, the Infinity War is coming to the theatres. The ever-expanding X-Men universe lets us mourn over Logan for a year and are coming with two movies next year. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Even the DC fans can rejoice as they get to watch Jason Momoa in action as Aquaman once again with a stand-alone movie. But that is not all, it seems like the studios exactly know what the fans need and you will agree with us when you see the superhero movies lined up for next year.

Black Panther – February 2018
The first in line is Black Panther. It is quite brave and exciting to watch this one where T'Challa takes the throne in Wakanda. This is exciting for two reasons. First, we get to meet the richest Marvel character (it is not Tony Stark) and at the same time, this will be leading to the Infinity War. The character posters which have been recently released make us all the more excited about Chadwick's stand-alone movie. Let's just say you will be chanting Wakanda forever after the movie releases.

Avengers: Infinity War – May 2018
Ever since Samuel L. Jackson walked in to meet Tony Stark, we have been waiting for this movie. We know the villain and
we kind of know how it will end. But the excitement hasn't mellowed down in the last 10 years and we cannot wait to see Thanos in action finally. Also, not to forget that Star-Lord, Iron Man and all the other heroes will be in the same movie together.

The Incredibles 2 – 2 June 2018
Our 13 years of waiting have not been in vain. We finally get to meet the Incredibles again. Brad Bird who directed the first one will be coming back along with a little mature Jack-Jack who stole our hearts then. This time it will be Mr. Incredible who will be doing the babysitting. The Incredibles was revolutionary when it came to superhero animated movies with 3D animation. We cannot wait to see this family again.

Deadpool 2 – June 2018
The first movie was enough to drive you to the theatre for this one. Wade Wilson breaking the fourth wall while he reigns as our second-favorite anti-hero (the first being Logan) is something we would love to see multiple times. Ryan Reynolds was truly born to play this role and the teaser and the casting of Cable make us wish that June was around the corner already. 

Ant-man and the Wasp – July 2018
Yes, there are three MCU movies this year. With this being set immediately after the Infinity War, there will be a lot of clues when it comes to the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first ant-man movie was smart enough to stick to goofy humor with some amazing action scenes. 

Venom – October 2018
While Spider-man has come to MCU, Venom remains with Sony and this is their attempt to bring one of the beloved villains on screen. We have seen glimpses of Venom in the first Spider-man trilogy and with Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, this couldn't have gotten better. It is rare for Marvel to make a movie on a villain and we cannot wait to see how this one turns out.

Dark Phoenix – November 2018
We have seen Jean Grey turn into Phoenix once but the movie did not work really well and yet we would like to see a saga based on that. Sophie Turner played Jean Grey in the reboot of the series and we would love to see her character fledged out as she turns in to the Phoenix.

Aquaman – December 2018
Yes, Jason Momoa is getting his own movie and we could not be happier. After we saw the treatment Wonder Woman got in her stand-alone movie we would love to see the king of Atlantis in his own movie and this is a great win for the character as well since he is one of the most ridiculed characters of DC universe.

Which movie are you looking forward to in 2018? Tell us your wishlist in the comments below.