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Everything You Need To Know About Battle of the Sexes

Emma Stone’s first movie as an Oscar award winner, Battle of the Sexes, is a biopic about the legendary 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.

Director: Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris
Cast: Emma Stone, Steve Carell
Writer: Simon Beaufoy

Billie Jean King was a progressive feminist competing against a male chauvinist who wore that label with pride. She was the number one player at the time and Bobby Riggs was past his prime but saw the match as a way to bring back his glory days.

The match itself became the most watched televised sporting event of the time, with 90 million viewers around the world. Battle of the Sexes in tennis refers to a match between a male and female tennis player, and the most famous of these matches is the 1973 match between King and Riggs. The beginning of a new wave of feminism and sexism in sports. 

It’s an important story when it comes to social issues, but it doesn’t mean it will be any less entertaining. Battle of the Sexes is not just about a normal tennis match. The rivalry between the two players was legendary. Leading up to the match, there are lots of outlandish displays from Riggs – including playing tennis with a frying pan, in a dress with sheep on the court. It's also going to give a look behind the scenes of the personal lives of the two players – with King discovering her sexuality in a world that is still narrow-minded and Riggs living an unfulfilling life. 

The stars of the film, Emma Stone and Steve Carell last appeared together in Crazy Stupid Love, a romantic comedy. They also nearly match the ages of the tennis players during the legendary match. Emma, now 28, is playing 29-year-old Billie and Carell, now 55, plays the 55-year-old Bobby Riggs. Another co-star that Stone is appearing with for the second time is Andrea Riseborough who had a role in Birdman. Riseborough plays Marilyn, who Billie Jean King meets at the hairdressers and forms a close relationship with. 

The husband-wife duo who are directing this film has previously worked with Carell in Little Miss Sunshine. They've taken a departure from their usual genre but they have a strong script to help them along. The screenplay is written by Simon Beaufoy, who won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for Slumdog Millionaire, so it's bound to have snappy dialogues and moving scenes. 

The excellent cast and crew are all set to make Battle of the Sexes an exciting watch. Who knows, it might even get Emma Stone another Oscar win. If you haven't seen the trailer already, you can watch it here:

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