Alita: Battle Angel Turns The Beloved Manga Into A Must-Watch Cyberpunk Movie

The mastermind behind 2009’s Avatar, one of the most-renowned and epic CGI works ever, James Cameron has promised us multiple upcoming sequels in the franchise. But before fans head back to Pandora, he will be teaming up with Sin City director Robert Rodriguez and co-writer Laeta Kalogridis for the screenplay of the cyberpunk action film – Alita: Battle Angel.

Set to release on 14th of February, the film is based on the super-hit manga series by Yukito KishiroBattle Angel Alita or Gunnm as it is known in Japan. When James Cameron was originally introduced to the series he knew it would be a perfect premise to create yet another spectacular cinematic experience. Producer Jon Landau and Cameron then approached director Robert Rodriguez who quickly stepped in for this big screen adaptation of the beloved series. A landmark collaboration between Cameron and Rodrigues this live-action adaptation promises some cutting-edge visual effects. Working from a fully-realized story reel with visuals presented by Cameron, Rodriguez added his own stroke of genius to the script and took on the role of director.

Set in a futuristic world, Alita: Battle Angel tells the story of a young and seemingly outdated female cyborg. A scientist named Dr. Ido finds the young cyborg amidst the scraps in a dump with no memory of who she is. As he rebuilds her, the compassionate doctor also takes on the role of a father figure realizing that in the shell of an abandoned cyborg is a real young woman with an extraordinary past. Alita navigates through a new life in the Iron City while Ido tries to shield her from her mysterious history. When she meets her street-smart new friend Hugo, things begin to unravel and she comes face to face with the corrupt forces that run the city. With her unique fighting abilities and unknown powers, she could be the key to saving her friends, family, and the world that she’s grown to love.

Taking on the role of the cyborg is actress Rosa Salazar who is the base for the unique visuals of Alita, portrayed by motion capture. Christoph Waltz is in the lead role of Dr. Dyson Ido while Keean Johnson plays Alita’s love interest and close friend Hugo in the film. The cast of the film also includes Ed Skrein, Jackie Earle Haley, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, and Michelle Rodriguez.

While fans wait to catch the much-awaited film in cinemas, a one-of-a-kind experience also awaits. The interactive setup of Alita: Battle Angel – Passport to Iron City is headed Los Angeles, New York, and Austin to give fans an opportunity to interact, play, and compete on a set that feels like the real movie itself. Here’s a sneak peek –

Alita: Battle Angel will finally hit Indian cinemas on 8th of February, almost a week before the official 14th February U.S. release. So as you wait to catch the film at your nearest cinema, stay tuned to this space for our review!

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