Apart from superhero movies, comic books have worked great as source material. Thrillers like V for Vendetta and Wanted have made us wanting more of comic books and graphic novels on screen. Bloodshot starring Vin Diesel is another such movie. Bloodshot made his first appearance as a part of a Valiant comic series titled Eternal Warrior in 1992. In the comics, Bloodshot is injected with nanobots, which give him powers like healing and speed, instances of which we have seen in the trailer. The short clip also introduced a bunch of new characters and faces, which were very similar. If you are still racking your brain trying to think where you have seen these actors before, read on.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is the perfect action guy you need when there are machines involved. His appearance in the Fast and Furious movies has made him famous worldwide and nobody can forget his role in the XXX series. If none of these ring any bells, you might have seen him in Riddick or The Pacifier. In Bloodshot, he plays the titular role as Ray Garrison, who dies and is transformed into Bloodshot.

Eiza González

Eiza González, whose character name is KT, is someone you don’t want to underestimate. If her moves seem familiar, you might have noticed her in Baby Driver as Monica “Darling” Castello. She also made an appearance in Alita: Battle Angel as Nyssiana, a wanted criminal cyborg assassin. If you remember any of these previous roles, you know she is going to be great in this one too.

Sam Heughan

Sam Heughan’s character is Jimmy Dalton. Jimmy is an ex-Navy SEAL who lost both his legs and now has some cyborg enhancements of his own. You will find his familiar face as Jamie MacKenzie Fraser on Outlander, the TV show. He also played Sebastian in the rom-com The Spy Who Dumped Me.

Toby Kebbell

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Toby Kebbell plays Martin Axe, who is one of the bad guys standing in the way of Ray Garrison. Seeing him in a villainous role is not surprising since he has played Doctor Doom in the Fantastic Four reboot. You will also remember him playing Agenor in Wrath of the Titans. For fans of Black Mirror, the episode The Entire History of You had him and Jodie Whitaker playing Liam and Ffion respectively.

Guy Pearce

Dr. Emil Harting is played by the ever-versatile Guy Pearce. This man is the mastermind behind the whole Bloodshot operation. For anyone who cannot seem to place where they saw him, he was seen in Christopher Nolan‘s Memento. He also played Dr. Killian Jones in Iron Man 3, a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You might also remember him as Staff Sergeant Matthew Thompson in The Hurt Locker.

Lamorne Morris

Wilfred Wigans, whose superpower is coding, is played by Lamorne Morris. If the face seems slightly familiar, you might have seen him as Winston Bishop on the popular series New Girl.

Talulah Riley

Talulah Riley, whom we have seen in Westworld and Inception, is playing the character Gina DeCarlo who was Ray Garrison’s wife. We have seen her glimpses in the trailer and cannot wait to see more in the movie.

Alex Hernandez

Alex Hernandez plays Tibbs, who has ocular prosthetics, which makes him see everything. If his voice sounds familiar, he has voiced the protagonist in the popular game Mafia III. He is also seen in a few episodes of Blue Bloods and Hemlock Groove.

Bloodshot is in theatres this Friday. Stay tuned for our thoughts on the movie and don’t forget to catch this sci-fi revenge saga over the weekend.