In the world of intense action films, the vigilante has always been one of the most popular characters; and it is for a good reason since nothing justifies the violence and drama more than a vengeful motive. We also can’t deny that there’s nothing more exciting than watching a ‘mad as hell’ character take on their personal vendettas to get the ultimate revenge on the bad guys. Full of attitude and pumped with adrenaline, our favorite anti-heroes never fail to take us on extremely entertaining action-packed adventures.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, The Equalizer (2014) was one such film with the infamous retired Marine and Defense Intelligence Agency operative named Robert McCall (Denzel Washington). We now know that he will be returning to theatre to exact his revenge once again in The Equalizer 2.

But before we brace ourselves for the action, here are some vigilante classics that remain in Hollywood’s revenge hall of fame:

Taxi Driver (1976)

This Martin Scorsese masterpiece continues to be the point of reference for movie buffs everywhere. In this hard-hitting thriller, cab driver/Vietnam veteran Travis Bickle (Robert DeNiro) slowly begins to lose his mind while planning to fight crime in New York City.

Mad Max (1979)

The ultimate punk movie, Mad Max takes us to a stunning post-apocalyptic world. Mel Gibson as a police officer named Max Rockatansky goes against the system to become the ultimate anti-hero with enviable attitude and grit.

Kill Bill (2003-2004)

Could there be a better female anti-hero than Uma Thurman as The Bride? That’s a tough one. Nothing gets past this vengeful assassin who’s on a mission to exterminate everyone that came in her path and, boy, does she do it with style.

Taken (2008)

He will look for you, he will find you, and he will kill you. Liam Neeson’s most iconic role may be polarising amongst critics but there’s no denying that it is undeniably entertaining. We’re treated to some slick action as an ex-soldier embarks on a frantic quest to rescue his daughter.

Death Wish Series (1974-2018)

With five films under its banner and a 2018 remake, Death Wish was a continuous box office hit with mixed reviews from critics. With Bruce Willis taking over in the remake, there’s no denying that the late Charles Bronson will forever be remembered for his role as the gun-toting vigilante Paul Kersey.

John Wick (2014)

Beautifully shot with brilliantly intricate and layered dialogue, co-directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch do a stunning job of giving us a truly different take on action thrillers. Keanu Reeves’ return to the action genre is definitely a delightful surprise.