M. Night Shyamalan is one of the most well-known directors of Hollywood. Even if you may not have seen his movies, you have definitely heard about his signature twists that you’ll never see coming. He even surprised us by stealthily creating a sequel – the upcoming film Glass – that unites characters from two of his best films – Unbreakable and Split. But before you head to theaters to watch the film that just might be a comeback for the iconic director, don’t forget to catch up on these M. Night Shyamalan films:

1. The Sixth Sense (1999)

His most famous film that cemented his status as a visionary director, The Sixth Sense was brilliantly received by critics and audiences. It’s not just Shyamalan’s best film (till now, at least), but it has also had a lasting impact and is commonly referenced in pop culture today.

2. Split (2016)

Multiple personality disorder is always interesting to explore, but rarely has it been executed in a better way than in Split. James McAvoy brilliantly portrayed 24 different personalities, with one of them being the fearsome Beast, who will all be seen in Glass.

3. Unbreakable (2000)

Unbreakable is the other film whose characters you’ll see in Glass and if you see the film, you’ll know why M. Night Shyamalan wanted them to return. No, it’s not just because they are played by Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. It’s one of the most suspenseful superhero films you’ll ever see.

4. Signs (2002) 

After tackling ghosts and unbreakable superheroes, M. Night Shyamalan decided to tackle crop circles with Signs. Starring Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix, the film is about a family whose farm may or may not have something to do with aliens.

5. The Village (2004) 

Another gripping mystery, The Village starred Bryce Dallas HowardJoaquin Phoenix, and Adrien Brody. The film is about an isolated village whose residents know to keep away from the woods at the border where mysterious creatures live. The villagers live in peace until danger comes to their doorstep.

6. The Visit (2015) 

A found-footage horror film, The Visit is about two siblings who go to visit their grandparents and become increasingly frightened by their strange behavior. M. Night Shyamalan teamed up with the reigning horror film studio Blumhouse Productions for this one.

7. The Happening (2008) 

The Happening is not M. Night Shyamalan’s best work, but it isn’t the worst one either. While it was not received well by the critics, the audiences saw something in the film, which is why it made nearly 200 million dollars internationally. It is worth watching at least once.

Have you seen the Glass trailer yet? See it below and read more about the film here.