Audience Reactions That Will Make You Run To See Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 opened in theaters worldwide last Friday with an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the critics and the fans. Exploring a dystopian future where artificially created humans called replicants question the reality of their existence and people turn to technology for companionship, the future of 2049 gives you a lot to think about. Roger Deakin's cinematography has reached a breathtaking new level and the music by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfish is future-perfect. Denis Villeneuve's sequel has come close to mastering the original that inspired all the science-fiction films that came after it. Here are the Blade Runner 2049 reactions from the audiences.

Someone's calling it the movie of the year

Blade Runner reactions audience - BookMyShow

Some won't rest till Deakins gets an Oscar

And some think it deserves more than one Oscar

Someone got upset… at how good it was

Some aspiring filmmakers found it inspiring

Someone got inspired and created a mash-up fanart

And many have called it a masterpiece

Blade Runner reactions audience - BookMyShow 

Blade Runner reactions audience - BookMyShow

Blade Runner reactions audience - BookMyShow


Well, you get the point. 

Have you seen the film yet? Read our Blade Runner 2049 review before heading out to watch it in cinemas. Let us know what you think about the Blade Runner 2049 reactions in the comments below.