If you have watched Ant-Man and The Wasp then you know that the end credit scene was a cliffhanger and at the same time connected to Avengers 4 that is going to release next year.


So, like any other Marvel movie, ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ had two end credits scenes – one appearing during the mid-credits and another at the very end.

The mid-credits scene had a direct connection and significance to the future of the Avengers in the upcoming movie. It showed Scott Lang fiddling about inside the Quantum Realm (which is quite a dangerous place.) Hank Pym, Evangeline Lilly, and Hope van Dyne are on the outside, monitoring him.


It is rumored that the particles that Scott collected are going to play a significant part in the upcoming final Avengers film but when the film cut back to the trio on the outside, we saw that they’ve been reduced to dust.

That simply meant that Ant-Man and the Wasp ended at the exact moment when Thanos performed his infamous finger snap in Infinity War.


In a recent episode of Empire Film Podcast, the directors suggested that a time vortex mentioned by Janet Van Dyke could hold the key to the future. The directors did mention that Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang is likely to play an important role in bringing the dead Avengers to life.

She (Janet) mentions tardigrade fields, she mentions time vortexes as these warnings to Scott about what not to get involved in. These things might prove valuable. They’re not just randomly spouted off at the moment.


But, again, part of the fun of that was putting detail in there and throwing it out for the audience to guess which ones might be pertinent and which ones might not.”

What do you think about it?