We are less than a month away to the release of the biographical drama, Bohemian Rhapsody. While there have been mixed reactions to the trailers of the film – some have praised Rami Malek’s uncanny look to the man he portrays and others are not too sure he can do justice to the part – there is no doubt that the movie will be larger than life itself. After all, it is based on the life of legendary musician Freddie MercuryAapro Freddie revolutionized music and fashion from the ‘70s to the ‘80s and his music remains eternal till date. Yet, this simple man lived a complicated life and Dexter Fletcher’s film is all set to give us a glimpse into the details we have never witnessed before on screen. Here’s what we hope that we get to see in the film:


Many of you might not be aware of Freddie Mercury’s Indian roots. Originally named Farrokh Bulsara, the singer spent most of his childhood in Bombay, before his parents moved to Zanzibar, and later, England. His family were Parsis and his funeral was also officiated by a Zoroastrian priest.


Every musician has a different musical process and Freddie Mercury had his own style of writing and performing music. He did not play the guitar much and only knew a few chords. Yet, he created some of the most iconic songs of his generation, some of which only took him about 10 minutes to write.


Freddie Mercury gained acclaim over the years for his live performances. His highly theatrical style drew great cheers from the crowds and he came to be known as the inventor of the “bottomless mic”. Using a mic stick became his trademark style after his mic stand once broke mid-performance.


Freddie Mercury was highly active in the years when fashion was undergoing a revolution in music and cinema. And he was one of the contributors to this magnificent revolution. He redefined men’s fashion with his distinctive style, which included printed bodysuits, glitter, fancy hats, and stilettos.


By the mid-80s, Queen was one of the most successful bands in the UK. Their fame surpassed their name and Freddie Mercury was known to be close to one particular member of the royal family – Lady Diana Spencer. If rumors are to be believed, he once snuck her into a gay club dressed in drag.


While it is common knowledge that Freddie Mercury was gay, not much has been revealed about his relationships. He had a long-term relationship with a woman and they remained friends even after he revealed his sexuality to her. The last years of his life were spent alongside his partner, Jim Hutton.


Five years before his death, Freddie Mercury was tested positive for HIV/AIDS. Thus began his long battle with the disease, which he eventually succumbed to on November 24, 1991. His final years were spent evading journalists and photogs, who constantly hounded the singer over his failing health.

While there’s only so much you can show in a movie, it remains to see which crucial aspects of Freddie Mercury’s life are explored in Bohemian Rhapsody. Stay tuned for updates on the film and keep an eye out on the site for the release. Rest assured, this is a movie not to be missed!