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George Lucas and His Contribution to Cinema As We Know It

A long time ago in a galaxy not far away, a person named George Lucas had an idea for a movie and nothing was same after that. In an era, where the idea of a space movie was to put you off space travel, here came a movie that would make you want to travel the galaxy far far away. It is not just the story that was revolutionary. It was the production and the effect it had on pop culture is remarkable and all credit goes to that one man who is safely enjoying his semi-retirement on the Skywalker Ranch. The month of May is very important to all the Star Wars fans worldwide. With Star Wars Day falling on May the 4th (go figure) and George Lucas celebrating his birthday, this month is the time for celebrating the franchise that changed everything. We always wonder what difference can one man make. The legacy of the Star Wars makes us believe that one man's idea and his determination to give life to it, can make all the difference in the world.
George Lucas - BookMyShowThe year was 1977 and before the movie released that would change everything, young George Lucas had his work cut out for him. It was difficult to get the producers to agree on a movie that could not be a reality with the technology then. George Lucas wasn't going to let the absence of technology stop him from making his dream project and he started Industrial Light and Magic, a company dedicated to creating special effects for movies. The technology mixing of live props and computer imaging has given many movies a live-like quality including movies like Avatar. Although he invented some of what is used as CGI today, George Lucas preferred to keep things old school, a feature we also see in some new directors (think Christopher Nolan). Christopher Nolan movies draw a lot of inspiration from George Lucas. From using more props rather than CGI to saving the title and the credits of the movie for the end. It is not just Christopher Nolan, many film makers today have grown up watching Star Wars and they are the ones who direct the many sci-fi movies we see today. Before Star Wars, there wasn't much popularity for franchises and sequels, but the trilogy changed all that and we know the trend of the sequels still prevails. Pixar which has given us gems like Toy Story was founded within the folds of Lucas Films.
George Lucas - BookMyShowWhen George Lucas first signed the contract, he waived his director fees and instead asked for 40% stake in the profits along with the sequel and merchandise rights. This deal was considered very poor since Fox at that time had suffered major losses with their merchandise. You can look at your collection of Star Wars memorabilia and know how wise that decision was.
We know movies walk on that thin line between art and business. They are considered works of art but we are also served the same things over and over again because it worked the first time. It was George Lucas with his merchandising and the release of the prequels who made sure that people know movies mean business.

George Lucas - BookMyShowWhile his most popular contribution, Star Wars is far from being his only. In the time between the Star Wars movies, he also gave us another much-loved character – Indiana Jones – who changed the way we look at history and whips now. Indiana Jones was directed by his bud Steven Spielberg. Like Star Wars, even Indiana Jones had a lot of parodies and references which can be still found in popular movies. Even popular series like X-Files had characters that emulated Harrison Ford's character from Indiana Jones.
Contrary to popular belief, George Lucas is not a two-hit wonder. He has not just been churning out Indiana Jones and Star Wars. He has also contributed greatly to other forms of cinema. With war movies and art movies, his filmography is certainly not lacking in variety.
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