The coronavirus has postponed many movies and it’s still uncertain when theatres will open once again. While we continue to binge through Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming sites, it’s pertinent to look forward to the movies that will release in theatres when the pandemic is finally over, so we have something to be hopeful for. One of the upcoming releases includes the story of a mythical creature that feeds on flesh. Titled Antlers, this movie has already released one teaser and two trailers that give us a glimpse of the supernatural creature. Beware! Once you have watched the trailer, this creature will haunt your dreams for a long time.

Antlers is the story of a young boy named Lucas who harbors this strange creature in his house. It is not clear why this creature is living with him, but the trailers might suggest that the boy’s father has morphed into this animal. Lucas feeds the creature by bringing home dead animals that he hunted himself. But on one occasion, the creature gets out and then all hell breaks loose in their small town in Oregon. Suddenly, mutilated bodies are found all around town with no explanation of how they got there. The only clue to link these bodies is the presence of antlers at every spot. The investigations are being conducted by the local sheriff Paul, and soon after, his sister Julia takes a keen interest in the cases. Julia is Lucas’ teacher in school and when she finds his drawings of the creature, she realizes that the boy might have something to do with the murders.

Antlers has been directed by Scott Cooper and is based on the story ‘The Quiet Boy’ written by Nick Antosca, who also serves as the co-writer of the film. The film stars Jeremy T. Thomas as Lucas, who makes his feature debut with Antlers, while Julia and Paul are played by Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons respectively. Keri is most popular for her TV series The Americans, while Jesse has played significant roles in Fargo’s Season 2 and in the later seasons of Breaking Bad. This will be his third time playing the role of a sheriff, having played similar roles in American Made and Game Night.

The release of Antlers is still on the fence so keep coming back to this page for more updates on the film. Meanwhile, don’t forget to click on the ‘Interested’ button for direct notifications to your mailbox.