We’ve been constantly getting unfortunate news about all the movies that we’ve been expectantly waiting for, getting pushed to later months, and some even to next year due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. However, there is a silver lining to this dark cloud as Universal Pictures has decided to release Trolls World Tour on April 10. But that’s not all. They will also be making it available on-demand at home. Universal plans to do the same with The Hunt, The Invisible Man as well as Emma. So consider your entertainment from home sorted with this piece of less depressing news.

Trolls World Tour is an adorable sequel to the 2016 movie Trolls, and we will see the return of Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick in this sequel. The trailer for this film was recently released and the story follows Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) on an exciting adventure. They discover that they are one out six Troll tribes spread out over six different lands. Each tribe is devoted to a different form of music that includes pop, funk, classical, techno, country, and rock. Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom), who is the leader of the rock music tribe, is on a mission to destroy all other kinds of music and rule the world with only rock music. Poppy and Branch set out on a mission to unite the other troll tribes in the hope of stopping her. Will they be successful?

This musical adventure also has an incredible all-star cast that includes Mary J. Blige, George Clinton and Anderson Paak from the funk music tribe; Kelly Clarkson, Sam Rockwell, and Flula Borg from the country music tribe; J Balvin is a troll that represents Reggaeton; Jamie Dornan is the smooth-playing Jazz troll. Also from the land of classic music, we have Charlyne Yi and Gustavo Dudamel who is a world-renowned violinist and he will play Trollzart. We also have Ester Dean, Anthony Ramos, Kenan Thompson, and the South Korean superstars Red Velvet, who will be part of the hip-hop, techno and K-pop tribe of trolls.

Trolls World Tour is directed by Walt Dohrn who also served as the co-director for the prequel Trolls. Get ready to have a rocking time as you watch this film from the comfort of your home.