James Wan is a common name in the genre of horror. After all, he has produced some of the most popular horror series of the decade, including SawThe ConjuringInsidious, and Annabelle. Besides, he also has a number of independent horror films to his name, such as Lights Out. He is now the purveyor of terror in Hollywood, and his movies, whether hits or misses, can leave you with nightmares for weeks.

With the release of Annabelle Comes Home – Wan’s latest production – here’s ranking the best of his filmography.


The Nun is not a stand-alone movie as it is set in the pre-Conjuring era with its central character being the most terrifying villain we have seen in horror movies till date. We had many high expectations from Valak but the movie was a let-down in terms of plot and frights.

8. Demonic

In 2015, James Wan produced two films and directed one. This was one of his productions – a supernatural horror directed by Will Canon – about a police officer and a psychologist who are investigating the deaths of five people killed while trying to summon ghosts.IFrame

7. Dead Silence 

Dolls and puppets seem to be Wan’s favorite. In this movie, he experimented with a vaudeville doll (dummy). This was Wan’s first stand-alone horror movie after the Saw trilogy and released in the same year as Saw IV (2007).

6. The Annabelle series

As a spin-off of The Conjuring series, Annabelle made dolls scary. Three years later, the origin of the creepy doll had resurfaced in Annabelle: Creation, which was critiqued to be a far better and improved version of the previous movie. Annabelle’s third film is all set to hit theatres in June this year and you can see the terrifying trailer right below.

5. The Curse of the weeping woman

In his latest stand-alone production, James Wan and director Michael Chaves explore the legend of La Llorona, who stalks and preys on young children in the night. The film is a part of the larger Conjuring universe but has no connection to any of Wan’s previous movies. Read our full review here.

IFrame4. The Saw series 

James Wan made his mark in the genre of horror in 2004 with the mystery thriller, Saw. Possibly one of the best serial killer series we have ever seen, Saw has eight movies but none compare to the very first movie, which was made way back in 2004, after the short film, Saw 0.5 (2003).

3. Lights Out 

Directed by David F. Sandberg who also directed Annabelle: Creation – this was another stand-alone production by James Wan. Teresa Palmer starred in the lead role and the movie had several jump scares – a classic Wan style of horror.

2. The Insidious series

Another horror series we have been super kicked about since 2010 is Insidious. With four movies that maintained the consistency of terror, this series is similar to The Conjuring in a haunting kind of way but still managed to leave us scared shitless.

1. The Conjuring series

This series made horror movies more mainstream and even those with a weak stomach dared to watch this deadly haunting. The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 have made it to the top of our list for their intense nail-biting horror and we can’t wait to see more of this series.

So how excited are you for Annabelle’s next film? Stay tuned for our review and catch the movie in theatres near you.

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