Murder mysteries are always fun to watch, but when a murder mystery has such a stacked talent both in front of and behind the camera, there are even higher expectations from the film. The film has already received near-universal acclaim by international critcs. Directed and written by Rian JohnsonKnives Out is a whodunnit inspired by classic Agatha Christie stories with an added twist of dark humor and will be coming out on 29th November. 

Rian Johnson is the director and writer behind films like Star Wars: The Last JediLooper, and Brick and has also worked on Breaking Bad and a few short films. If early reviews from Toronto International Film Festival are anything to go by, Knives Out might just be his best work yet.

Knives Out is about Harlan Thrombley, a renowned crime fiction writer, whose family gathers to celebrate his 85th birthday. When he is found dead with his throat slit in the night, it is initially assumed that it was suicide but soon, foul play is suspected. Every one of the characters has reason to want him dead and no suspects are ruled out by a private investigator who comes to find the murderer.

Christopher Plummer is playing the patriarch and murder victim. Daniel Craig plays the private detective Benoit Blanc, and from the trailers, his accent is reminiscent of another one of his recent comedic roles in Logan Lucky. Accompanying him in his investigation is Sorry To Bother You and Atlanta star LaKeith Stanfield who is playing the role of a lieutenant.

The Thrombley family is a large one and so is the pool of suspects. Jamie Lee Curtis plays Harlan’s eldest daughter and real estate mogul, Linda Drysdale-Thrombey.  Richard Drysdale, Linda’s husband and a desperate son-in-law who’s committed some indiscretions, is played by Don JohnsonChris Evans plays their son, Ransom, who is a foul-mouthed trust-fund playboy. Michael Shannon plays Harlan’s youngest son Walt Thrombley, who runs a publishing company but has more ambitions. Toni Collette plays Walt’s wife Joni, who has gathered her fortune by being a lifestyle guru. Walt’s son Jacob, who passes his days as an internet troll, is played by Jaeden MartellKatherine Langford plays Joni’s daughter, a college student and social activist, and Ana de Armas plays Harlan’s caretaker, who has some secrets to hide as well.

For Knives Out, Rian Johnson has also reunited with Nathan Johnson for music and Steve Yedlin for cinematography. The three of them have previously worked together on two of Johnson’s original films, Brick and Looper.

Do you have any guesses as to who the killer might be? The mystery will be solved when Knives Out releases in November. Meanwhile, click on the ‘Interested’ button below to stay tuned for the latest updates on the film.