Here’s What You Can Look Forward To In Wonder Woman 1984

In 2017, DC released Wonder Woman to a record-breaking success. The film set in 1918 gave us a proper introduction to Gal Gadot‘s Diana who ventures outside of her isolated island after rescuing a US pilot, Steve Trevor, who was played by Chris Pine. In the first film, she defeated Ares but also lost Steve, whom she had grown close to. Now, we finally have a first look at the sequel, which jumps forward in time to 1984 and will be releasing in June 2020. There are lots of exciting things to look forward to in Wonder Woman 1984, and here’s why we can’t wait to see it:

1. The Retro Aesthetic

The 1980s were a big time for Hollywood and Stranger Things has already proven that 80s nostalgia still draws people in. The Wonder Woman 1984 teaser has made it clear that it will be making good use of the retro aesthetic of the time – from sets to costumes and the music. But despite the changes in the looks, the action hasn’t changed. Wonder Woman is still as badass as ever, if not more so.

2. Steve Trevor’s Return

Steve Trevor died in the first film but he’s back in this one. There are already theories circling the internet about his return. Is he really back or is he a hallucination? If he’s back, has he been resurrected or brought into the future from the past? While we’ll have to wait to know the actual answer, one thing’s for sure – this Steve hasn’t lived through the 1980s. Just as Diana was unfamiliar with the outside world in the first film, Steve is going to be the same way in the sequel, as we can tell from his inability to distinguish a trash can from art.

3. Wonder Woman’s Shiny New Gold Armor

Years have passed since Diana became Wonder Woman and it only makes sense that her superhero suit would have been upgraded too. While her old costume also makes an appearance, we also see her in a gold suit adorned with wings in an all-new avatar. She also has her lasso of Hestia and is seen using lightning to fly through the sky, which is probably courtesy of her father, Zeus.

4. Two New Villains

The second film brings not one but two new foes who will be facing off against Wonder Woman. Pedro Pascal is almost unrecognizable as Max Lord, a businessman-type celebrity who’s known for his infomercials on TV, and seems to have a magical rock that might grant wishes. We don’t get to see much of the other villain, Cheetah, who’s being played by Kristen Wiig, but she’s sure to have some formidable powers too.

5. The Famous Invisible Jet Might Be Shown

One of Wonder Woman’s most famous symbols is the invisible jet. There’s a scene in the teaser trailer which shows Diana and Steve in a jet going through fireworks and it’s possible that it might be the famous invisible jet. There’s also an emphasis on the future in the trailer, making it the right film to introduce Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane.

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Chavi Pande: