Guillermo Del Toro recently won an Oscar for the Best Director, for his beautifully made film The Shape Of Water. But he has been wowing the audience since a long time now. His films, Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy are considered visual masterpieces.

Guillermo Mallika

Recently, Del Toro met up with our very own Mallika Sherawat, to discuss films. Apparently, Del Toro loves watching Bollywood films, with their song and dance sequences. A source close to the director reveals that Del Toro’s wife introduced him to Bollywood musicals, and that he someday wants to make a Bollywood musical.

Mallika Sherawat recently met Guillermo Del Toro in Los Angeles, and had a productive chat with the visionary filmmaker.

She says, “I have been a huge admirer and in love with his work ever since I watched ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and have become his fan ever since. I had the opportunity to meet him. He expressed his love for Bollywood cinema and the fact that he would love to do a Bollywood musical someday. Meeting and discussing films with him is like a dream come true and one of the most memorable experiences I am going to cherish.”

Well, here’s hoping that Del Toro does end up using Indian talent and resources in one of his films.

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