For the people who just woke up, DC's Extended Universe is expanding hundred-fold with the Justice League movie. They did not believe in taking it slow. With a Superman stand-alone movie Man of Steel and then jumping to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice with Suicide Squad somewhere in between. The release of Wonder Woman just made us more excited about their future endeavors. Now the fifth movie in the franchise is getting everyone together and this is the team up we all have been waiting for. DC is doing quite well with their TV series and the Arrowverse but they have chosen wisely when they decided to keep both of them different. 

While you might already know most of the characters, there are some new characters coming in this movie as well and here are all of them.

This guy literally needs no introduction but here it is. His alter ego is Bruce Wayne who runs Wayne Enterprises which was founded by his forefathers. We have seen countless actors play this role (you can see The Lego Batman movie for more information) before and Ben Affleck seems like the perfect addition to the line-up. As per the comics and the animated TV series it was Batman who got all the heroes together to form the Justice League. He seems to be doing the same thing here as well as he and Wonder Woman team up against a common enemy. He is joined by Detective James Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth in his quest to get all the heroes together.

Wonder Woman
The Amazonian princess from Themyscira has lived among humans since the first World War. She gave up fighting for justice ever since that war but on Batman's request in Batman V Superman donned her suit and hasn't stopped since. It is the age of heroes and she is one of them. It is also her home which has one of the Mother boxes which the villain is after and we get to see a glimpse of Hippolyta in action along with Antiope (in a flashback since she died in Wonder Woman). Wonder Woman's alter ego is Diana Prince and she works at the Louvre in Paris. Her teaming up with Batman as she co-leads the team is something we cannot wait to see. 

Jason Momoa was roped in to play a comic character who has faced a lot of ridicule in the past and is still a fan favorite. But no one is laughing anymore as he commands the respect this character deserves. Aquaman isn't one of those who will easily fall into Batman's plans. We will get to see a lot of ego clashes between the two. He is the king of Atlantis the underwater kingdom and this movie will be setting the base for his upcoming stand-alone movie. Joining him will be Nuidis Vulko who is his advisor and is played by Willem Dafoe and Mera. Mera is a sorceress and also Aquaman's wife. We will be seeing more of them in the upcoming stand-alone movie.

Yes, we all wanted Grant Gustin to take this role but as mentioned earlier, it is wise to keep the Arrowverse and DCEU separate. Ezra Miller seems to be doing a great job (we saw him in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them last). He is the goofy, fun Flash we all love who has a great sense of humor. We catch glimpses of Henry Allen his father as well and there is mention of Iris West, the journalist and Flash's wife also making an appearance in the movie. Flash is one of Batman's easiest addition to the team as he is eager to make some new friends and it helps to be friends with 'super' people. There are already talks about Flash's standalone movie and Flashpoint in future and we would like to see that.


He is one of the new ones. Not many fans outside of the comics know much about him. He has the power to manipulate technology and shoot fire cannons from his arms. He is one of the lesser known characters except for the fans who followed the comics are sure to know all about him. For the sake of this movie, his power comes from one of the Mother Boxes which is father Dr. Silas Stone used to change him from an injured athlete to Cyborg. Ray Fisher also is a relatively new face and a stand-alone Cyborg movie is set to be released in 2020 around the same time as Green Lantern Corps.



This is probably the worst kept secret of DCEU. The teaser and trailers show Henry Cavill in a dream sequence but all the talks about the increase in budgets while digitally removing his mustache have let the cat out of the bag. Superman is going to be back and this time he might don the black suit (it is still speculation). Joining him will be Martha Kent and Lois Lane. No Superman appearance is complete without Lex Luthor and he will be a part of this one as well. Although the announcement of Man of Steel 2 confirms the presence of Superman in this one.


Meet the big bad villain here. He is from the planet Apokolips with his army of Parademons and he is after those aforementioned Mother Boxes. Steppenwolf has confirmed connections to Darkseid and he was also the alien Lex Luthor was communicating in the Ultimate Cut of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Ciarán Hinds will be portraying this character in the movie. The Mother Boxes were the property of Darkseid but somehow they found themselves on Earth. There are at least three we know of and you can wait for the movie to know more about them.

We are sure now that you know all these characters, you can enjoy the film better. Book your tickets for the movie here and you can tune in here to read our review. If you want more information on the movie, click here. You can read what critics have to say about the movie here and movies you should watch before Justice League here.