Along with the festival of spooks and candy, October is also bringing back the good ol’ Michael Myers with his terrifying mask and relentless urge to kill. A direct sequel of the iconic 1978 film, Halloween reunites us with Jamie Lee Curtis as the undaunted Laurie Strode. She’s been preparing for the right moment and it seems like the day is finally here when she comes face to face to seek her revenge with the notorious killer.

In the latest trailer for Halloween, we were treated to more than what we signed up for. Much like the other trailers, it features scenes that are connected to John Carpenter’s original film. Michael Myers is coming back to Haddonfield, all hyped for another killing spree. But what is most exciting is that it features a direct connection to one of the most memorable moments from Laurie’s original encounter with Michael.

Titled Heritage, the trailer seems like a vintage documentary as it explains Myers’ crimes as a 6 years-old to the 1978 murder spree of which Laurie was the sole survivor. We also get a glimpse of the asylum that he has been living in. But the most exciting part is the bit that follows- we get a quick close-up look of Myers’ unmasked face, revealing a scar across his left eye. In 1978, when Laurie was face to face with him she managed to get hold of a metal hanger, strike his left eye, and grab his knife to stab him. Since this film follows that event, Michael Myers is now sporting a damaged eye.

For fans of the franchise, director David Gordon Green also revealed that they had rebuilt the house from the ending of the first film in which they had planned to reshoot. But even though those plans didn’t pan out, they kept the house and used it in this film.

Although we’ve got tons of teasing hints, we can’t wait to find out exactly what Myers and Laurie have been up to after all these years. As Halloween releases this October, all secrets will be out in the open.