The Amazon Prime announcement of the Lord of the Rings TV show has undoubtedly got us all excited. If there is a medium that could do justice to the books, it would be a TV show. The advantage of an episodic format is that there is no cap on length. That leaves a lot of room for additions to the story. In the post Game of Thrones era, there is no cap on the budget as well. There are specific stories that work with all mediums, and Lord of the Rings is one of them. But, the stories don’t have to be epic fantasies to transcend across mediums. With TV shows based on movies like Limitless, Psycho, and Fargo, we know that certain movies become more entertaining with a TV series. Now that the trend is going to be starting again, we have prepared our Wishlist of films that need to become TV shows next.

1. Eragon

We love The Inheritance Cycle and Eragon the movie didn’t do the series any justice. The series has dragons and dragon riders with a mix of dwarves, elves, and cities in the mountains. Did we mention that they also have magic? There are epic battle sequences with different people using different languages. If there was a time to add another language to your vocabulary apart from Klingon, now is the time. All the fans who loved Game of Thrones are sure to appreciate this one, and the ones who were fans will finally find something that does justice to the source material.

2. Pacific Rim

If there was no constraint on the budget, Pacific Rim is another movie that could be a great show. Make it a detective-like sitcom with a Kaiju of the week and how Jaegars defeat it. The movies are already leaping in the direction of a franchise. Now is the right time to expand it across mediums as well. Guillermo del Toro directed the film, and we would like to see the same director bring it to the smaller screen. There is a lack of good sci-fi shows, and this will undoubtedly be a welcome addition.

3. The Harry Potter Series

We know you are thinking this, even if we don’t say it. We want to see more Quidditch matches and Hermione starting SPEW. We want to see Dumbledore asking Harry calmly whether Harry put his name in the Goblet of Fire. For once, we also want to see the lessons at Hogwarts. Now you know why this one is on the list. Harry Potter can do a lot more like a TV show rather than a movie, and maybe we don’t need to see the rest of the Fantastic Beast movies before we get the TV show.

4. Her

Her is a sci-fi romantic drama with a plot that would work well on TV. If the film was a limited series, we could have more interactions between AIs and humans, both undergoing transformations with the help of each other. Here we only followed with one kind of relationship between humans and AI. With AIs slowly becoming a more significant part of our life, this is the right time for a show like this one.

5. Suicide Squad

Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe became what it did, there was another series of TV shows on CW which were connected and different at the same time. We are talking about the Arrowverse consisting of TV shows like Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and the latest addition Batgirl. These shows are based on characters from DC comics and have been one of the best things to come on screen. And they did all this, without Batman. Suicide Squad, with its multiple characters against an even more evil guy of the week, would have been a perfect addition to this. Also, it would be fun to see what the heroes think of Harley Quinn.

6. Assassin’s Creed

We might as well make this public service announcement. If you are going to adapt a video game, you should make it into a TV show unless you are adapting Mario Kart. There have been many who have attributed their knowledge of history to Assassin’s Creed. If this went out to even people who were not fond of games, this could be one of those highly entertaining shows that also educate you at the same time. It would also be great if Michael Fassbender could reprise his role.

7. The Godfather

With shows like Sacred Games, Breaking Bad, and Narcos, it is apparent that we love our fair share of crime/mafia drama. The Godfather of mafia dramas is certainly The Godfather trilogy. Now imagine, The Godfather set in contemporary times and instead of using a phone to kill people, just sending out a text. If there was a crime show that we want to see, it is none other than this one.

The Lord of the Rings TV show is going to show a different time on Middle Earth than the movies, and we can’t wait to stream it. Which of these movies is on your Wishlist? Tell us in the comments below.