Must Watch Movies Based on Witchcraft and Magic

Thanks to the Harry Potter serieswitchcraft and magic in the movies now have a positive connotation. Kids are no longer terrified of the concept but are more fascinated by its mystical appeal. But before this change in the mindset happened, the first thing that used to pop up in people’s minds when they thought about witchcraft was either the Salem witch hunt or black magic. Based on urban legends and superstitions, people have developed a fear which is being portrayed through the medium of films and TV series. Today, we bring you a list of movies based on witchcraft and magic that you must watch; some funny, some with a message while some to scare you stiff.

Kiki’s Delivery Service
This anime movie is about a teenage witch who has to live independently in order to complete her training to be a professional witch. It’s far from being scary and is super entertaining.

Hocus Pocus
300 years ago in Salem, Massachusetts, the residents got rid of three witches, the Sanderson sisters, but little did they know that these sisters had vowed to come back and terrorize the town. Now they are back and a bunch of kids are going to fight them and save the town.

Practical Magic
Spells and curses are at the crux of magic. And these two sisters, Sally and Gillian, are blessed with the gift of magic but when it comes to love they are cursed. Any man who falls in love with them dies and that’s how things get messy and complicated.  

The Craft
A bunch of misfit teenage girls, SarahBonnieRochelle, and Nancy, decide to explore the world of spells and magic but later end up walking towards the dark side. Initially, it’s all fun and games but soon the spells reverse and these girls have to face the consequences.

The Blair Witch Project
It all starts when three students decide to venture deep into the woods to find the truth behind the legend of the Blair Witch. While doing so they experience some odd things which later turn into the most horrifying experience of their lives.

Blood, guts, and gore are the things that you will find in abundance in this movie. Jessica Harper plays the role of Suzy who enrolls in a ballet school in Germany, but she soon understands that it’s run by a coven of witches for a hidden agenda and things just get gory thereon.

The Skeleton Key
Hoodoo is also another form of folk magic which has an African-American origin. And in this movie, it shows how a non-believer of magic slowly and unknowingly becomes a victim of it.

Rosemary’s Baby
Witchcraft and devil worship are not the same thing but when witchcraft turns to the dark side it results into something demonic. In this movie, a coven of witches put together a plan to give birth to the devil’s offspring.

The Witch
This movie takes you back in time and shows you the crudest side of witchcraft and possession. Just watching the trailer of this movie will send chills down your spine.

This movie beautifully shows how superstition takes over our mind and how people take advantage of this weakness and terrorize everyone. This movie has some spooky parts, which are later decoded to show you the truth.

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