Pixar is notorious for adding hidden details to their films. Their films themselves are crafted to perfection – almost every Pixar film has been nominated for numerous awards. They have won 15 Academy Awards, which is no small feat, especially when you consider that they have only made 20 films so far. Toy Story 4, their 21st film, will be coming to theaters this June and it’s time have a look at Pixar Easter eggs that are hidden in almost every one of their releases.

1. A113

A113 is a classroom at California Institute of Arts that many famous animators have graduated from. It has been found in all of the Pixar films. Sometimes it’s hiding in plain sight and other times, it’s been harder to spot. In the first two Toy Story films, Andy’s mother’s minivan license plate is A113.

2. Pizza Planet Truck

Introduced in the first Pixar film Toy Story, the restaurant Pizza Planet has made its way into every Pixar movie – except The Incredibles – with its delivery truck. Even in Cars, where vehicles have human-like characteristics, the yellow Pizza Planet truck can be seen hanging out with the other characters.

3. Luxo Ball

The yellow ball with blue stripes and a red star has an important place in the Pixar universe, especially the Toy Story films. This ball was first introduced in a short film called Luxo, Jr., which also features the lamp from the logo. The ball can be found as an Easter egg in not just a few Pixar movies, but in many short films too.

4. John Ratzenberger

You may not have noticed him but voice actor John Ratzenberger has had a role in every Pixar film so far. In some films, he has a small role – such as the Mind Worker Fritz in Inside Out – but in others, he’s part of the supporting cast. In the Toy Story franchise, he voices Hamm the piggy bank.

5. References To Future Movies

Since animated films can sometimes take years to make, it’s likely that while one film releases, another film is already in the works. Pixar uses this to their advantage by hiding references to future films. One of the most famous examples is the multiple references to the 2003 film Finding Nemo that were found in the 2001 film Monsters Inc. Since Incredibles 2 featured Woody’s hat on a billboard as a reference to Toy Story 4, we can expect to see something about Onward – Pixar’s next announced project – in Toy Story 4.

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