Christopher Nolan’s rendition of the Batman franchise ended up reshaping the future of superhero movies in the world of cinema, giving us an unforgettable character wrapped in an unforgettable performance by late actor Heath Ledger as The Joker.

the dark knight

The role made Ledger to be the first actor to received the Oscar for Best Supporting Role posthumously. However, the Oscar win was, by no means, an end to the legacy of The Joker. Many of us still wish to know more about him; how he got those scars, what shaped up his youth, etc.

It seems that we can finally see more about Joker!

joker 2

It was reported by multiple publications yesterday that The Joker Origins film has found a director in The Hangover maker Todd Phillips. The supposed sob story of a sinister megalomaniac is touted to be an exploration of his dark philosophies. The Joker Origins was claimed to be a prequel to Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

It was also claimed that Academy Award winning actor Joaquin Phoenix may land the role.

Popular film site Screenrant even gave a synopsis for the “Joker Origins” film.

“Twenty years before Batman saved the city in THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY, Gotham was a dangerous place. In the crime-ridden Narrows, one man tries to escape his unfortunate lot through a passion for theatrics and stand-up comedy. However, one bad day is all it takes in this city, and soon the well-meaning man has become the most dangerous criminal of all: the Joker,” the synopsis read.


However, it wasn’t long before the bubble was burst and people realized the date: 1st April, 2018.

Yes, a Joker Origins is in production but no actor has been confirmed to playu the role of Joker. Joaquin Phoenix’s name was thrown around as a joke pulled by film buffs at our expense and most of us bought into that lie. Like we always do, hmph!

The lie was made convincing due to rumors around Todd Phillips’ upcoming film which not a lot is known about. Apparently, Todd Phillips is working on scripting a Joker Origins film but no actor has been finalized yet.


H/T: Hindustan Times