Director: John Crowley
Writer: Peter Straughan
Cast: Ansel Elgort, Finn Wolfhard, Oakes Fegley, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Paulson, Luke Wilson
Release Date: 13th September, 2019

After charming audiences as a dying teenager in the adaptation of John Green‘s The Fault In Our Stars and making waves with his performance as a getaway driver in Edgar Wright‘s Baby DriverAnsel Elgort is back with another big role. He will be playing the main character in another book-to-movie adaptation, The Goldfinch. Written by Donna Tartt, the novel was published in 2013 and went on to win the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

While book adaptations are quite common for horror, science-fiction, and young adult genres, it’s not often that we see literary fiction books being adapted in Hollywood. However, almost all Pulitzer-winning fiction that does get a movie adaptation does tend to get critical acclaim. From the classic Gone With The Wind to the 2017 film Fences, many have also been nominated and won Oscar awards. This is why there are already high expectations from The Goldfinch, which apart from being based on the award-winning novel, also features a big cast of talented actors.

While Ansel Elgort will be playing the grown-up version of the lead character, Theo Decker, the younger version will be played by Oakes Fegley who has been a part of movies like Pete’s Dragon and This Is Where I Leave You. Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman will be playing the mother of the friend that Theo goes to live with after his mother dies. Luke Wilson plays Theo’s deadbeat father who takes him away from New York to Las Vegas and Sarah Paulson stars as his girlfriend. The Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard will be playing the young Boris, a boy Theo befriends in Vegas.

The Goldfinch isn’t just about a boy losing his mother. The two of them are on a visit to a museum where his mother’s favorite painting is displayed – Carel Fabritius’ The Goldfinch – when there is a bombing. In the midst of the chaos and with mysterious last words from a dying old man, Theo steals the painting. He also meets an antiques dealer and falls in love with a girl who accompanied the old man to the museum and had also survived the bombing. Over the years, Theo forms a close attachment to the painting and the story revolves around how taking the painting leads him down a strange path.

The first Goldfinch trailer gives a brief glimpse of the characters, but there’s sure to be another one releasing in the next few months that will show more details of the plot.

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