Shazam! released last week and it’s being loved by critics as well as the audiences. One of the best DC films in years, Shazam! tells the story of a teenager named Billy Batson who gets the power to turn into a grown-up superhero by just saying the word “Shazam”. If you haven’t seen the film, there are going to be spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution. If you have seen the film, you may be wondering if there is going to be more of the red-suited superhero in the future. Here’s all we know about the Shazam! sequel and what it might be all about:

More Of The Foster Family

One of the best moments in the film was definitely when Billy shares his powers with the rest of the foster kids and they all turn into grown-up superheroes. The grown-up versions are played by some well-known actors – Adam Brody (Freddy), Michelle Borth (Mary), Ross Butler (Eugene), Meagan Good (Darla), and DJ Cotrona (Pedro) – who you can expect to see more of in the sequel. Their official lair is also something that is sure to be revisited in the sequel.

Dr. Sivana Will Return

Although Dr. Sivana, Shazam’s first big super-villain, has been defeated and locked up, his story isn’t over just yet. The mid-credits scene shows Dr. Sivana scribbling away on the walls of his prison cell, trying to open a portal the same way that he had done in the film. However, the symbols don’t work anymore and just as he gives up, he hears a voice telling him that there are more ways to access magic. This voice turns out to be a caterpillar-like creature who seems to have big plans for teaming up with Dr. Sivana.

Mr. Mind Could Be The Next Supervillain

This creature is actually Mr. Mind, a highly-intelligent alien worm with telepathic abilities who carries out his evil plans through the Monster Society of Evil. He is shown earlier in the film in a cage in the same place where the wizard and the Seven Deadly Sins statues are and near the end, his cage is shown to be empty before being revealed in the mid-credits that he managed to escape. He is voiced by director David F. Sandberg and seems set up to be the central villain in the Shazam! sequel.

Black Adam Will Also Come To The Screen

Black Adam is one of the most popular super-villains to fight Shazam! and it was suspected for the longest time that he would be the central villain of the film. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson had been cast in the role and although he isn’t in this one, he is expected to be seen in one of the future Shazam! films. In the comics, he was given the same powers as Shazam but was corrupted by them. Although Johnson wasn’t in the film, he was still involved behind-the-scenes as a producer and has announced that he will be shooting a Black Adam solo film pretty soon before he faces off against Zachary Levi in a sequel.

What The Filmmakers Think

Director David F. Sandberg and producer Peter Safran have already said that they will be on-board for a sequel. As Shazam! is performing excellently at the box office worldwide, DC is sure to be planning a sequel, even though it might take a while to release as there are already a few DC movies already announced till 2021. However, the wait isn’t going too long as the actors playing the kids would be growing up soon and won’t be able to play characters of the same age. However, there is no official confirmation from DC or Warner Brothers yet, and we’ll have to wait a while for more news on the Shazam! sequel.

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