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5 Stephen King Books Hollywood Should Adapt Next

Stephen King is not only the king of horror but also the king of adaptations. King's novels have been made into movies, television series, plays, and even comic books. His latest adaptation is The Dark Tower, which releases this Friday. Another novel, IT, has already re-adapted and become one of the best horror movies of 2017. But there are still many under-appreciated Stephen King novels that have been overlooked as movie adaptations. Here are some of his books that we want to see on screen next: 

Lisey's Story 

Lisey's husband, who was a best-selling author, is dead and she is left to sort things he has left behind. As it turns out, he might be dead, but not gone. This Stephen King novel is more romance-based than most but is still a signature King with its horrifying elements. It is deeply touching and yet unsettling, which is a combination that we would love to see in a film. 





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The Eyes of the Dragon

The title might remind you of Bruce Lee's movie, but this Stephen King novel is closer to The Princess Bride. It has all the charm of a fairy tale along with King's narrative genius. With characters like a poisoned king, two brothers fighting for the throne, and an evil wizard, it has adventure, action, fantasy, mystery, and love all rolled into one. If it is brought to the screen with a good cast, it is sure to become an instant classic. 





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Joyland is set in an amusement park in the 70s known for its mysterious murders. It tells a story, but it does so much more – it brings you into a familiar, yet fictional world with real characters that we want to see brought to life from the page. It would be much like last year's underappreciated The Nice Guys, only with supernatural elements mixed with mystery instead of comedy. 





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King published Rage under the pseudonym, Richard Bachman. It is about a school shooting that would be interesting to see in a film. King has allowed the book to fall out of print since it was rumored to be linked to some actual shootings, but if the subject is handled sensitively, it would make a great film that would stack up awards. 





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The Long Walk

Another Bachman novel, The Long Walk is perfect for post-Hunger Games and post-Maze Runner Hollywood. One hundred boys take part in The Long Walk and they have to keep walking at four miles per hour or around six kilometers per hour on an average. You get three warnings if you fall behind, and after the third, you're shot. 





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Which of these Stephen King's books would you like to see in cinemas? Let us know in comments below.