Incredibles 2 is just a few weeks away from finally hitting the theaters. This means it’s time to catch up with our favorite superhero family as we get ready to go on another incredible adventure! Let’s take a look at what we know so far:

Robert ‘Bob’ Parr a.k.a. Mr. Incredible

Bob, voiced by Craig T. Nelson, is a regular guy with some extraordinary capabilities. He is a powerful strongman with tremendous durability and enhanced senses. His red superhero suit, designed by the vivacious Edna Mode, has the same level of durability as Mr. Incredible himself. In his prime, Mr. Incredible also drove a gadget-laden car, the Incredimobile, reminiscent of ones driven by James Bond or Batman. Sometime after his marriage, Mr. Incredible was forced into retirement after the government silently initiated the Superhero Relocation Program. Bob often moonlighted and continued his superheroics. He now has three kids named Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack with his partner-in-crime-fighting wife Helen a.k.a Elastigirl, who all have their own sets of superpowers. He now solely focuses on staying at home to care for the kids.

Helen Parr a.k.a. Elastigirl

Helen, voiced by Holly Hunter, is Mr. Incredible’s wife. As her Super name suggests, she has the ability to stretch her body to remarkable limits and become up to 1 mm thin. She uses this ability to transform and reshape her body according to what the situation calls for. Helen is also an experienced jet pilot thanks to a close friend who flew her around the world when she was a Super. Her experience as a superhero, sharp wit and superb espionage skills make her a super tactical leader. Her red suit, also designed by Edna Mode, can stretch as far as she can and still retain its shape. In Edna’s words, it is “virtually indestructible but it breathes like Egyptian cotton”. Since her marriage to Bob, Helen has also become a dedicated spouse and mother, while continuing to fight crime and campaign for the return of Supers.

Violet Parr a.k.a Violet

Violet, voiced by Sarah Vowell, is Helen and Bob’s eldest kid. She is a high school teenager who also possesses superpowers that allow her to instantly turn invisible. She can also generate spherical force fields that act as a shield and also help her to levitate. The interiors of the force fields have an anti-gravitational effect allowing her to levitate extremely heavy objects. Violet struggles with her shyness and lack of confidence but she is encouraged by her mother Helen. Unlike her normal clothes, her designer red suit also turns invisible when she does.

Dashiell Parr a.k.a Dash

Dash, voiced by Spencer Fox in The Incredibles and Huck Milner in Incredibles 2, is a speedster. Apart from his ability to move at a super speed which also allows him to be able to run over water, he is an average 10-year-old boy with a reckless and impulsive nature. He can also combine his powers with his sister Violet to create the IncrediBall – a tactic in which Violet generates a force field around herself and Dash uses his speed power to turn it into a cannonball. His designer red suit is resistant to air friction, wear, and heat which helps him when he is running at super speed.

John Jackson Parr a.k.a Jack-Jack

Jack-Jack, voiced by Eli Fucile and Maeve Andrews in The Incredibles and Eric and Stuart Bluth in Incredibles 2, is the baby of the family. While it was initially believed that he was the only family member without any powers, he manifests a multitude of superhuman abilities at the end of the first film. Although Edna Mode did not know what powers Jack-Jack might develop, she covered various possibilities by making him a fireproof and bulletproof blanket sleeper-like jumpsuit. The trailer of Incredibles 2 reveals that we can expect to find out much more about Jack-Jack’s incredible abilities.

After having their abilities tested by a former fan of Mr. Incredible turned supervillain, Incredibles 2 resumes where the first film left off. The Parrs witness the arrival of a new villain called The Underminer. With Elastigirl out and about trying to bring superheroes back into the spotlight, it will be up to Mr. Incredible to help take care of the other kids and teach baby Jack-Jack how to control his powers. With Mr. Incredible as a stay-at-home dad, we can expect to see Elastigirl in all her glory when Incredibles 2 releases in India on 22nd June.