Thank You for Your Service – A Realistic Take on Life After War

Thank You for Your Service is the first film directed by Jason Hall. The American Sniper actor and writer has brought the war biography book titled Thank You for Your Service by David Finkel to the big screen. 

This film is about the soldiers of the United States who have fought in Iraq. Sergeant Adam Schumann (Miles Teller), Specialist Tausolo Aieti (Beulah Koale), Billy Waller (Joe Cole), James D. Doster (Brad Beyer), and Michael Adam Emory (Scott Haze) had been plunged into the battle for over 11 months. They finally return to the country and are welcomed by their relatives and family.

Unfortunately, they come home with an unhappy feeling. Adam, Solo, and Willer suffer from post-traumatic effects that threaten to destroy their post-war social life. Each person has a psychological problem that they keep a secret, even from their families. 

Memories of the battlefield make Adam even more depressed. Solo, who wanted to return to Iraq is unable to do so due to an injury. Billy has his heart broken as he is abandoned by his fiancé when he returns home. The question Thank You for Your Service asks is do these veterans manage to heal their post-war trauma as they try to get back to normal life? 

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Jason Hall succeeds in making the audiences see the real evidence of the trauma of US veterans. He shows the suffering they experienced after the war. In this film, trauma and depression are more dangerous than the war itself. Every scene is emotional. Jason Hall also delivers the importance of being open to your family through Thank You for Your Service.

Speaking of acting, Miles Teller has given a stunning performance of being tough on the outside but fragile on the inside. Adam's despair and depression seemed to be delivered through authentic facial expressions. Adam's wife, Saskia, played by Haley Bennett is equally able to balance the intensity of Miles' acting.

Beulah Koale who plays Solo also steals the attention – the character that he played shows some really draining emotions. He suffers until the struggle becomes real to the audience.

Besides the stars that have already been mentioned, the film has an appearance by Amy Schumer. Maybe we're used to seeing this comedian performing humorous roles, but in this film, Amy is able to throw away her funny acting and act seriously as the wife of one of Adam's friends. 

Thank You for Your Service is a must-watch movie. It will show you how the trauma of war can destroy a person's life and the importance of being open to the family about whatever problems they are facing. 

The war drama Thank You For Your Service released in Indonesia with the cooperation of CBI Pictures and CJ Entertainment. The film releases in India on 24 November 2017. Thank You for Your Service tickets can be booked here

Thank You for Your Service Review By: Tri Wahyudi

Review Courtesy: BookMyShow Indonesia Blog.