Earlier this year, Warner Bros. confirmed the title and release date of yet another sequel to Annabelle, making the upcoming film the third in the spin-off series and fifth by chronology in The Conjuring Universe (succeeds The Nun, Annabelle: Creation, Annabelle, and The Conjuring). Writer Gary Dauberman, who penned the previous films in the series, is set to make his directorial debut with this film. Unlike its predecessor Annabelle: Creation, which was actually a prequel to the series, the events in the upcoming film will follow the story of Annabelle (2014).

If you are a fan of the Conjuring universe or horror movies in general, catch Annabelle Comes Home in theatres near you. Meanwhile, here are the future movies of the franchise you need to keep an eye out for:

The Conjuring 3

Ed and Lorraine Warren’s paranormal adventures will continue in the sequel of the Conjuring series. While there has been no official announcement about this movie yet, producer James Wan had confirmed in an interview that he was in talks with a few directors to take on this mega-project. The script of the film is near completion and the production is set to kick off soon. We could be looking at a 2020 or an early-2021 release for the film.

The Crooked Man

Besides The Curse of the Weeping Woman, the Conjuring universe is all set to introduce us to yet another spin-off of the series. Based on the English nursery rhyme, There Was a Crooked Man, this movie will feature the paranormal spirit that we first had a glimpse of in The Conjuring 2. Details about this movie are still under wraps and we are not even sure if it will be released as a stand-alone film or it will be a part of the bigger Conjuring series.

The Nun 2

Creator of the Conjuring universe James Wan has not confirmed a sequel to the latest film in the horror anthology but he hasn’t shut down the possibility of the same. Fans are desperately looking for an explanation to the reemergence of Valak and a sequel could give us the much-needed answers to what happened with Maurice (Frenchie) after the events in the first film. Even if a sequel follows, we don’t expect it to release any time before 2025 as Wan has a lot more projects in tow.

Have you had enough of the Conjuring movies or are you ready for more chills? Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on these films. And don’t forget to catch Annabelle Comes Home in theatres near you.

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