Ever since we got the super exciting news that James Wan would be working with Warner Brothers and DC to bring us the first full-length feature film centered around Aquaman, we knew we’d be treated to a movie unlike anything we’ve ever seen from the DC universe before. And who better to play the underwater superhero than Jason Momoa!

Warner Brothers along with James Wan have been doing an excellent job of bringing out the hype around this film with a bunch of interesting sneak peeks and even a 5-minute long extended trailer. So while we wait to dive into the world of Aquaman, let’s take a look at all the teasers we’ve got so far:

The Official Poster

Over the years, Aquaman has got a lot of flack for not being the uber cool and macho type of superhero. But this poster showed us that something’s about to change. Just look at Jason Momoa! That’s reason enough to change your mind.

The Throwback Motion Poster

This teaser confirmed that not only is the film taking a deep dive into the life of Arthur Curry aka Aquaman, but we’ll also be getting a look at where he came from. It’s no secret that we can expect some flashbacks including one that takes place at the Boston Aquarium.

Amber Heard as Mera

A major part of the film seems to be revolving around Arthur Curry’s relationship with Mera. As he embarks on a quest with the warrior princess, we realize that she plays a major role in Aquaman’s journey. Also, Amber Heard definitely seems to be a perfect fit for the role.

The Epic Extended Trailer

With a couple of months left for the film to hit theatres, this five-minute trailer gives us a generous overview of the plot. The extended look confirms that James Wan’s take on the superhero feature a less-gritty, more vibrant take – something we don’t see a lot of in the DC universe. We also get an extensive look into the magical city of Atlantis as we find out more about Aquaman’s journey.

Aquaman aka Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) is the son of a human lighthouse keeper and the Atlantean queen (Nicole Kidman). This makes him the rightful heir to the Atlantean throne. Caught between the two worlds, he teams up with Mera (Amber Heard) on a quest for a legendary trident. He also meets plenty of foes in his way, including his half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) who wants to wage a war on the land-dwelling humans, and an armored mercenary called Black Manta.

Last but not least, we also finally get to see Momoa in the classic green-and-orange costume and boy, does he make it look cool!

Willem Dafoe & Patrick Wilson on Massive Battle-Sharks


James Wan recently took to Twitter to share these super exciting images. One featured Willem Dafoe as Vulko on a huge hammerhead shark, while the other features Patrick Wilson as King Orm, the current ruler of Atlantis and half-brother to Aquaman on another massive shark aka the Tylosaur. You heard it right, we’ll be seeing Dafoe and Patrick Wilson ride their giant underwater steeds.

Early Release in India

Yes, you heard that right. This epic underwater adventure is making its way to India ONE WEEK before it hits American theatres. Need we say more?

Now that you’re all caught up, just hold your breath and get ready to dive into Aquaman when it arrives in theatres on December 14th.