The Predator has finally hit the theatres in multiple languages all across India. With audiences loving the fun film while fans being unsure of the new direction Shane Black has taken the franchise, the ending to the film leaves a lot in store for the future films. If you haven’t seen the film yet, beware of the spoilers ahead.

Upgraded Predators

In this film, we learn that when Predators were keeping spines and heads from their kills, it wasn’t just to use them as hunting trophies – they were gathering DNA to upgrade themselves. While we get to see one of the new and improved Predators, there is definitely more that can be explored with this new ability.

More Predator vs. Human Action

While Rory McKenna (Jacob Tremblay) might have accidentally brought the super version of the Predator to earth, we know that the Predator visits are now more frequent in the recent years anyway. According to the film, humans will soon go extinct and that’s why more Predators are coming – to harvest the best of human warriors for their upgrade before humanity dies out due to global warming and the planet becomes hot enough for the Predators themselves to move in. While there are two major sequences where we see humans fight Predators, they’re not that good at it. Hopefully, the next time it will be a better fight, which brings us to the Predator Killer.

The Predator Killer

The first Predator that we see in this film apparently came to earth to give humans something that will give help them fight Predators. The gift is in a pod that’s only opened in the last few minutes of the film. It’s a device that latches on to a human and constructs an armor around them, making them look just like a Predator. It’s called a Predator Killer, and Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) even calls it his “new suit”. It’s the only one that they seem to have but it will be interesting to see if they can reverse-engineer the alien technology and build more Predator-style suits for humans. This way they can actually fight Predators without having to shoot them with bullets that clearly don’t work.

Surviving Characters

Out of the main group, only Quinn McKenna and Casey (Olivia Munn) remain alive among the adults. Among the other characters, Emily played by Yvonne Strahovski is also alive, so we hope to see more of The Handmaids Tale actress in the next film. Quinn’s son, Rory, seems to have a part-time job at the research facility so he will definitely have a major presence in the future.

The Possibility of a Sequel

Whether or not we’ll get another Predator film depends on how this one fares at the box office. According to reports, The Predator has made a decent $24 million USD opening this weekend in the US. While this puts it at the top for this weekend, it’s not the best opening for the franchise. The Predator ends with a very clear possibility of a sequel – perhaps even a trilogy – but the director and co-writer Shane Black has said that he will be taking it one day at a time, which means that nothing is confirmed.

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