Disney has been on a roll with live-action adaptations of animated classics and 2019 has been a good year for fans. The latest addition to the list is The Lion King, which is being helmed by Jon Favreau. While Favreau is most well known for his role as Happy Hogan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he also has a great track record as a director. He was the one who gave the MCU a start with Iron Man and also directed its sequel. He’s proven himself as a genius when it comes to bringing animated animals to life in a CGI avatar with The Jungle Book, which went on to become a massive blockbuster. It’s no surprise then that he was picked by Disney to be the director of the live-action/CGI adaptation of one of their most beloved animated movies – The Lion King.

Ever since the film was announced, the fans have been excited about it and more so when the cast was revealed. The Lion King stars some of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities like Beyoncé, Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, John Oliver, and Keegan-Michael Key, among others. The teaser trailer was the first look that we got from The Lion King. The teaser became an instant internet sensation and has gotten over 60 million views to date. It showed us how realistically the scenes from the animated films had been recreated. Mufasa looks strong and fierce while baby Simba looks adorable as a cub.

With such great special effects, there’s no doubt that The Lion King looked awesome, but there was still one question – what would the actors sound like? The first trailer had the narration of  James Earl Jones who had voiced Mufasa in the original film and reprises his role. Also, we got a glimpse of the characters speaking at the very end as Timon and Pumba, who are voiced by Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen and who hum along while trotting down a path.

The music from the trailers also evokes some of the good old nostalgia. Knowing that we’ll be hearing the iconic songs performed by the new voice cast is enough to have us eagerly counting down the days to the film’s release. We’ve also got a sneak peek from the film featuring Nala, Simba’s love interest, who is voiced by Beyoncé.

One of the new sneak peeks also shows us more scenes from the film as well as a teaser of a song. The background music for it features the duet, Can You Feel The Love Tonight?, which was a song in the original movie, performed by Donald Glover and Beyoncé.

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