It is tough to keep kids entertained when you’re on lockdown. The only fool-proof way to get a peaceful afternoon nap or attend an important meeting is to show them a movie that keeps them busy for a few hours. And yet, that plan could easily backfire, especially if you haven’t chosen the correct film. For kids below the age of 7, it is crucial to choose the right kid-friendly film or you are sure to deal with some sleepless nights because your child feels too scared or upset after watching the movie. To avoid that and to make sure that your child absolutely enjoys the movie you put on for them, here are some movies that you should totally avoid.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

It’s good for kids to let their imaginations go wild as they explore a world made out of chocolates. But the actions of many people in this film, including the kids, are very questionable. There is a scene where Willy Wonka takes everyone on a boat ride through a chocolate river tunnel, as bugs and other scary images are projected on the screen. The kids in the movie look terrified and the kids at home might also mirror that emotion.

Marley & Me

Who doesn’t love dog movies? Movies like Air Bud were a massive part of our childhood. But if you think Marley & Me could be that for your child, you could not be more wrong. While the silly antics of the dog can warm your heart, his death can shatter it into a million pieces. If adults can ugly cry while watching this movie, you can imagine what a toddler might feel about that scene.


E.T. is another classic we grew up with and there were many disturbing things about this movie that we realized as adults. E.T. is tortured and presumed dead in several scenes. There are also a lot of Government agencies involved with nefarious intentions. Kids could also find E.T. appearing from behind a few soft toys scary as they consider their toys and cupboards to be a safe space.

Finding Nemo

This is perhaps one of the least problematic movies for kids on this list. But the scary scene in this one comes when Nemo’s mother is eaten by a vicious predator. Many people are known to skip this when they show this movie to their kids until kids are a little older to handle it.

The Lion King

Watching someone lose their parents on screen can be troubling for some kids. The live-action movies are not helping by making it more realistic. While the 2019 film was fantastic, Mufasa’s death and Simba’s guilt feel a little too real to make anyone cry. You can choose to show your kids the animated version until they get a little older.

Toy Story 3

The Toy Story series has always portrayed dangers as an adventure instead of taking them too seriously. In Toy Story 3, where the toys are almost incinerated in the junkyard, is not a scene to be taken lightly. To be fair, the movie targeted children who grew up watching these movies, including more elements with each installment. We do not recommend doing a movie marathon of the Toy Story movies with your young child.

Alice in Wonderland

You only have to see the movie carefully to understand why it is on this list. Alice seems like an impressionable girl who takes food from strangers (No. 1 cardinal rule for any child). She also follows written instructions to eat and drink things without understanding why. There are creatures blowing smoke in her face and offering her drinks. Parents probably would not want their child to learn any of these messages.

While these kid-friendly movies might not be on your watchlist anymore, you can refer to the link below for movie recommendations.

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