Verdict: A film with exceptional visuals and many edge­-of-­the-­seat moments.

There’s a scene in Everest in which a climber who has nearly reached the summit is told to turn back by another as the weather has gotten really bad. He obviously doesn’t want to do so, especially after coming so far. Somehow, both of them continue their climb towards the summit and rejoice after getting there. This shows us just how much the whole expedition meant to them.
Everest is based on the true story of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster, where twelve mountaineers died, making it one of the deadliest days on the mountain. Climbing the Everest is obviously not an easy task. Qualifying that, a pivotal character in the film states,“These mountains make their own weather”. During the 1990s, climbing the Everest was a business for many, as clients would pay huge amounts of money to
join the professional climbers. Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) was one of the best ­known names as he successfully helped nineteen people reach the summit.
The film begins in 1996, when Rob embarks on yet another expedition, leaving his pregnant wife, Jan (Keira Knightley) back home in Christchurch. He is joined by Beck Weathers (Josh Brolin), Doug Hansen (John Hawkes) and Jon Krakauer (Michael Kelly). There’s also a rival group that is being led by Scott Fischer (Jake Gyllenhaal). Everything seems fine until they all get caught in a blizzard. After that, every minute is hell for these mountaineers, who face frostbites and severe oxygen deprivation.
The main reason to watch this film is the spectacle: director Baltasar Kormákur Samper has done a fantastic job with the filming. Writers William Nicholson and Simon Beaufoy have also added a lot of emotional scenes to the story, which mostly involve the climbers talking to their families back home.
In terms of performances, Jason Clarke is excellent as Rob, the professional climber who puts his own life in danger to save others. Keira Knightley and Jake Gyllenhaal are decent even with their limited screen time. A special mention is deserved by Emily Watson who shines as Helen Wilton, the base camp manager.
The film does a great job of showcasing the journey of the climbers in the 1996 tragedy. You can see how badly they want to get back to base camp but the storms just refuse to calm down. In the end, you’ll have empathy for the climbers and wonder what makes them go on these deadly adventures.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Everest isn’t just about the mountain and the climbers but also about their families who eagerly wait for their return. The film lets you experience those moments with some fantastic scenes. It will definitely thrill you visually while making you feel the pain of the trapped mountaineers.