Bigg Boss, a famous Indian reality TV show which is hosted by none other than the Bollywood star Salman Khan is back and has some really unique offerings this time. Bigg boss House, where we see all the television celebs fighting and performing tasks for their survival in the competition, is open for the public to stay and play the game with other people. It sounds pretty crazy but trust us, it’s not! The concept is brought to us by Innovative Film City, a regular outing destination for corporates. As an extension to the corporate outing experience for its clients, they propose to organize team-building activities in the existing Bigg Boss House.

This event also focuses on one of the most important elements in our lives we live today; Teamwork. Team building is everywhere, in families, communities, societies, corporations and great nations. Building effective teams needs virtually everything, from leadership to delegation, from communication to conflict resolution, from visioning to empowering, from doing to facilitation, from accommodating and tolerance to patience and acceptance, from assertiveness to humbleness, from winning the challenges to giving up for the cumulative benefit, from withstanding pressure to stress management. Also, bigger the dream, more important the team!

This event allows families, friends and corporates to do bookings in advance. The group can have multiple friends, relatives or colleagues. The minimum age of each group member must be 16 years. During the stay, the residents will be given various tasks and activities with a team building focus. There will be some basic tasks spread over the entire stay, which will be a part of the 'Stay 'N' Play' package. Apart from this, there will be a choice of other tasks offered as a menu to the group at additional cost, where they can choose and play put more and varied challenges. So check out one of the best events in Bengaluru happening this weekend and get to live the life away from the usual and dull routine. Get your tickets now, only from BookMyShow.