Queen Victoria is the longest ruling monarch among her predecessors. She had been ruling during the time the Union Jack's reach was far and wide. Her empire literally stretched across continents and she was competent in her ruling. She was also termed as the grandmother of Europe since she made sure all her children and their children's marriages united Europe. In the times where women are struggling for equality her story is nothing short of inspiring. There are a lot of tales of her interactions with her Indian subjects. Some were covered up while some were widely publicized. It seems to be the year we see two of them. While Victoria and Abdul is slated to release sometime later this year, The Black Prince is hitting the theaters this week.
The Black Prince follows the story of the last king of Punjab, Maharajah Duleep Singh. Exiled from India at the age of 15, he found a friend in Queen Victoria and she was even a godmother to many of his children. Directed by Kavi Raz, the film promises to showcase how the two very distinct cultures co-existed together. The film stars Satinder Raj in the titular role and Amanda Root who is known for her role in The Iron Lady plays the formidable Queen Victoria. The film boasts a very talented cast including Shabana Azmi who plays Duleep Singh's mother. The trailers promise that this tale would be like nothing we have seen and we are eagerly anticipating the release.
The movie has already been screened at various international film festivals with rave reviews and is all set to release in India in three languages (English, Hindi, and Punjabi). The film boasts of being based on historical facts and sheds light on Duleep Singh's devotion to his country.
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