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Everything you Need to Know About The Emoji Movie

If there is anything that time has proved is that movies can be literally be based on anything. If you thought that aliens and multi-dimensions are the limits, think again. There is also a movie based on the very thing that makes an image – Pixel. If Angry Birds got their own movie it was only fair that emojis get their share of the limelight. The emojis or emoticons originated on Japanese phones in the late 90's. The word Emoji is Japanese and it means pictures characters. Any resemblance to the word emotion is actually coincidental. In the recent years, emojis have become a way of life with numerous people mixing it up with text to make their emotions clear and some people just using symbols to communicate.

Director Tony Leondis loved Toy Story and his only wish is to make something like that. His pondering led him to decide that emojis were an unexplored concept. He also debated whether the emojis should interact with the real world or should we get a glimpse into their world inside the phone. We are glad he chose the latter. Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures and Sony showed interest in the concept but in the end, Sony won the bidding battle.

Emoji - BookMyShowT.J. Miller is the voice of Gene who is the protagonist of the movie. Gene is a multi-expression emoji in a world where every other emoji has just one expression. He embarks on an adventure through apps in search of a solution that would help him fit in. This is certainly a unique take on people all over the world who are just trying to fit in. Sir Patrick Stewart is also a part of the line-up (as the poop emoji). The line-up also includes James Corden and Anna Farris among others.

The movie has been compared to movies like Big Hero 6 having the protagonist embarking on an adventure. The actors are said to have a wonderful time working on it and it will certainly be something of an insight into the piece of technology that we carry in our hands every day.

Are you excited about the movie? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share. And if you haven't seen the trailer yet, you can watch it below.

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